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South Korean technology giant Samsung introduced an innovative ‘style’ to classic smartphone designs with the Galaxy Fold model, but the design flaws in the device had made the Samsung Galaxy Fold a criticized device rather than a admired device. Galaxy Z Flip and its successor Galaxy Z Fold 2, on the other hand, managed to present the expected kadollarsable smartphone design.

Samsung engineers say Galaxy Z Fold 2 concealed hinges, explaining the difficulties they encountered in creating the device, they showed why the device does more than just a simple ‘cadols’ gesture.

According to Samsung’s statement, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with its special hinge design, prevents the device from opening up to 180 degrees and accidentally closing it. Regarding the design improvements, SeungHyun Hwan of Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group said: “The Hidden Hinge, which was first used on the Galaxy Z Flip, offers Flexible Mode and with stable staffing experience received positive feedback from users. We wanted to preserve these strengths in our new product.”.

Although the hidden hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like a small part Has more than 60 tracks

Stating that has a complex structure, Hwan said, “We needed to come up with a sophisticated solution. After examining dozens of alternatives with the design team, we managed to reduce the part where the hinge will be placed to the most suitable level, and in this way, we came up with the final design” used the expressions.

According to Samsung, one of the biggest challenges in producing a cadollarable smartphone is getting dirt and dust through the hinge gaps. Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group

Hee-Cheul Moon from explains the Sweep mechanism for the Concealed Hinge they developed to counter this issue, which has the potential to cause serious damage to the phone’s internal components:

“We needed to develop a technology that could close the gap between the front of the device and the hinge housing. The solution we developed can close the gap with its flexible structure even while on the move. Sweep technology. “

Saying that the Sweeping technology must meet three important conditions for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be a fully ready-to-use device, Moon states that the mechanism must be robust, flexible and light. In this respect 98 different ideas

Saying that they evaluated , Moon ends his explanations as follows:

“The brushes of vacuum cleaners have an elastic body made of fibers. We noticed that they are short enough to be used in our device. Fibers shorter than 1 mm we have processed into flexible parts suitable for the life of the device. “

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