The new in-game gameplay video of Saints Row, developed by Volition and released by Deep Silver for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on February 25, 2022, has been released. The Saint Row series is one of the game series that has had a large number of fans since its production date. Features managed to fascinate game lovers with its huge game world and endless action-packed scenes. The gameplay video of the new game of Saint Row, consisting of 4 games, has been released.

With its structure reminiscent of the GTA series, the game was able to bring it to the fore. We can say that they did a pretty good job graphically for the game, which generally received positive feedback from critics.

The introduction of the game:Your future with Neeah, Kevin and Eli Mafia Boss will form the gang of Saints as you grow your empire on the streets of Santo Ileso and fight for control of the city. Los Panteros, Idols and Marshall you will fight with gangs. In fact, Saints Row is a kind of start-up story. The only difference is that the Saints gang’s job is to commit crimes.

Enjoy the biggest and best Saints Row game world ever created. The ever-expanding unique world of Santo Ileso with side quests, with the dangerous moves of the criminal world and a wild and very fun place full of amazing main quests. Your guns, cars and even your Adollar-counting overalls.

By using you will be number one in this world. “

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