Minisforum has announced its most powerful mini PC ever, combining a desktop-class AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU and external display cards. The systems consist of motherboards based on the AMD B550 platform, configurable up to the Ryzen 9 5900X, in addition to lower-end processors such as the Ryzen 5600X, 5700G, and 5600G.

The PC will also have a dedicated graphics card, but no specific model has been specified by the manufacturer. The case, which measures 16.65 cm x 15.8 cm x 6.7 cm in size, will include a special external graphics card that users can upgrade. Minisforum says that in its basic specs, the system will have a power consumption of 120W and can be scaled up to 1000W depending on the configuration you choose.

The platform is based on the B550 chipset and offers PCIe 4.0 SSD storage support. The system will be powered by a 120W Gallium Nitride adapter that supports an ATX (SFX) power supply for 12V connection.

Like the company’s previous HX90 and HM90 minicomputers, this PC will use liquid metal for cooling. No word yet on pricing or availability, but the base configuration is expected to cost around $899 to $999. Minisforum has a lot of experience in AMD-based mini computers and we see that it has produced successful systems recently.

CPU Options

  • Ryzen 5600G and 5700G APU
  • Ryzen 5600X, 5800X and 5900X

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