The American game company Ruby Games, which was established in Izmir and continues its activities in the series, has been drawing attention in the application stores with its simple mobile games in the hypercusual genre for a while. Based in Finland, one of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies Rovio announced that an agreement has been reached to acquire the entire Ruby Games.

Rovio, which will own 20% of Ruby Games in the first place, will own the entire company within 5 years and the process will be completed. Also for the first 20% slice Ruby Games will be paid 10 million dollars in cash. Then, at least 80 million dollars will be paid for the 50% tranche, depending on the financial condition of the company for that period.

Ruby Games had $7.8 million in ad revenue in the first 6 months of 2021:

Especially in the mobile game industry, the sale of a company depends on how high and sustainable its annual or periodic income is. Ruby Games, on the other hand, in the first half of the year, through its mobile games. 7. 8 million dollars showed its potential by earning an income.

The company’s best-known game, which launched 4 hypercusual games last year and 3 this year, is the most well-known game of the company, which frequently ranked high in the US market and last year. the world’s 6th most downloaded game Hunter Assassin.

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Michael Lewis


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