which has been in our lives for a long time roleplay games are games in which you switch to a completely different life, impersonate the character you created, and live accordingly, even though they don’t attract everyone’s attention. One of the best examples of this is MTA, and the other is the more well-known today. FiveM, so GTA 5 is.

Of course, role-playing is not such a simple thing because it is necessary to play on quality servers in order to have a good time playing quality roles. In order to play on quality servers, you have to follow many rules. Some of these rules roleplay terms Come if you wish, what is this roleplay and what should be known? roleplay terms let’s take a look together.

What is roleplay?

Roleplay, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is actually transitioning to a completely different life and playing the character we have created. While playing roleplay games, we are completely purified from our true personality. So in games like this adopting the personality of the character we created is essential.

In real life, you may be very smart, very practical and strong, but the character you will play may be clumsy, constantly getting in trouble, and have a cowardly personality. Likewise, you can create a Latin, Russian, Italian, or African-American character. The main point here is that you can adopt the character you will play. So if you are going to create a ‘vagrant’ character who is a member of a gang, you need to be able to keep it alive in the role.

Roleplay terms

  • Fail-RP
  • Non-RP Driving
  • Powergaming (PG)
  • Metagaming (MG)
  • IC-OOC Mixing
  • Random Death Match (RDM)
  • Vehicle Death Match (VDM)
  • Role Check
  • Bug Abuse
  • Combat Log
  • New Life Rule
  • Revenge Kill
  • GhostRP
  • Cop Bait
  • Ninja Jacking
  • Force RP
  • Retarded RP
  • Everything Isn’t Your Gun
  • Gun Out of Ass
  • Bunnyhopping
  • In Character (IC)
  • Out of Character (OOC)
  • Fear RP


Fail-RP, as the name suggests, which does not fit the roleplay and what should not be done during the roleplay to things is the given name. What cannot be done in the role is to disrupt the role and act contrary to it by doing harekedollarser.

Non-RP Driving

Driving like you can’t drive in real life is to make harekedollarser that does not comply with reason. As an example of these hiking with a sports car, landing on the ground by flying from a building at a height of meters or to travel kilometers with a vehicle with padded tires can be displayed.

Powergaming (PG)

We can say that the Non-RP Driving rule is valid when playing normal roles, as well as powergaming. Doing things that you can never do in real life just for the sake of playing is called powergaming. Trying to lift a two-ton car with one hand to do near impossible moves like powergaming enters.

Metagaming (MG)

What you don’t learn in the role, out of game to use the information you have acquired in a role is metagaming or ‘commodifying’ as it has become a language. It is forbidden to reflect this plan in the role by making a plan outside the game, just like acting as if you know something in the role that your character does not know. To summarize simply, when a friend of yours who was attacked or died in the role sends you a message like ‘I’m in this position, come save me’ from platforms like Discord, it will kill you. as you don’t know as IC you cannot go to help.

IC-OOC Mixing

There are two types of Mixing. First, is mixing roles (For example, absurd roles such as playing the mafia as a doctor). The second is to confuse IC and OOC. You cannot add something that is not in your character in the role. Also something in the game you shouldn’t move it out of role. In other words, you can’t fight anyone in your real life because of a situation in the game, you can’t get angry with him.

Random Death Match (RDM)

One of the most crucial points of roleplay. Random Death Match aka RDM can be extremely annoying. RDM, simply put is to cause random damage to other players in a roleless manner. You cannot harm the people in front of you unless there is a logical reason as a role.

Vehicle Death Match (VDM)

Just like in Random Death Match, Vehicle Death Match can be explained as causing harm to someone without a role, but this time vehicles are involved. Quidollar to others damaging by car enters VDM. Accidentally hitting someone with a vehicle is not included in VDM.

Role Check

Role check can be translated into American as role query. What is mentioned here as questioning a role can be explained as explaining a rule to someone outside the role within the role. If we pad the wheel ‘How do you drive this car?’

Saying things like enters role questioning.

Bug Abuse

Bug abuse, as the name suggests, is to gain role superiority or to attack your character by using bugs.

exploiting bug. Using game vulnerabilities for the benefit of the characters is a violation of the rules.

Combat Log

Continuing intentionally exiting the role when there is an active role It is a rule violation called Combat Log. If the connection is lost and the game can be re-entered, the game should be entered and contact the role player and continue the role again. Otherwise you will be denied roleplaying and the penalty for this is heavy on roleplay servers in general.

New Life Rule

If you are killed in a zone, you cannot go to the same zone for a period of time determined by the server administration (This time is usually 30 minutes). If you do this, you are breaking the rules.

Revenge Kill

After you die in the role and are out of the hospital, you can go back to join the fight or the person who killed you. ‘trying to take revenge’ enters revenge killinge. As per the rules, you have to pretend you don’t remember the last 30 minutes after you die, so you can’t be angry with the person who killed you and try to kill or beat that person.


An event that didn’t happen in the role. It is a violation of the rules to tell an event that has not been acted out, to use it for the interests of the character.

Cop Bait

In real life, you can’t go in front of them and burn tires, drift in front of them, or pull a gun just so they can chase you, right? If you try to do this in a role, you could be penalized for a cop bait rule violation.

Ninja Jacking

Rolely stealing a car It is called Ninja Jacking. It is a violation of the rules to disturb other players by stealing cars out of the blue without getting into the role.

Force RP

Forcing another player into roles they don’t want to enter It’s Force RP and it’s a violation. While playing a role, you have to care about the entertainment of the player in front of you as much as your own entertainment. Therefore, while acting, it is necessary to give the person the right to choose the roles to be made.

Retarded RP

without reason, irrational absurd action and roleplaying are included in the Retarded RP. This includes projecting events that cannot be realized in real life into the game.

Everything Isn’t Your Gun

Just like when you have a fight with someone in real life, you should apply this in the role, just as you do not immediately run to the nearest sharp or piercing tool. If you’re in a verbal discussion, small events like this are called ‘trash talk’. verbal bickering you can continue. When the events are a little bigger, close range aledollar series should be used. If roles continue for longer and conflict is now inevitable last resort should be used as a weapon.

Gun Out of A*s (GOOA)

If you are carrying a weapon, you must act according to its size. Harekedollarser GOOA is a role violation, such as pulling a stick out of your bag or pulling heavy weapons like a shotgun from your waist.

Bunny Hopping

As you may remember from games like Bunny Hopping CS:GO continuously jumping forward. It is not wise to constantly jump from one place to another in real life, so you should not do it in the role.

In Character (IC)

The things you create in the role and the things you play in the role and related to your character are called ICs. If IC events are real ghosts, they are disconnected and irrelevant.

Out of Character (OOC)

The part that covers character and non-role events is also called OOC. That is, real-life people and non-role events playing the characters in the role fall under OOC.

Fear RP

During the role where your character should be afraid horror role you need to do. Imagine that a gang of 10 abducted you and put a gun to your head. against them in such a case you can’t stand because at that time you are extremely afraid. Not doing this in the role is a violation of the rules.

What you need to know in order to perform a quality role for you roleplay terms we compiled. If there are different terms that come to your mind that are not in our article, do not forget to share them with us in the comments section.

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