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Popular analyst and trader Credible Crypto makes important predictions. The analyst thinks that a large-cap altcoin project that some are not interested in could see all-time highs in the coming months. In addition, the analyst also shares his predictions for 2 altcoins and BTC.

Credible Crypto: Popular altcoin LTC may see new ATHs!

The analyst named “Credible Crypto” tells his 222,000 Twitter followers that Litecoin (LTC) can benefit from the last “legendary” leg of the current bull run. Credible Crypto adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

Seeing a lot of people saying LTC is doing a ‘bull run’ and heading towards the grave… I don’t trade fractals, but I think we’ll see something similar to what we saw on the left in 2017. Not just for LTC, but for most ‘old guard’. I still think the new ATH is ready.

Source: Credible Crypto

Credible Crypto: XRP started slow and then headed towards 10x

As for the timing of his forecast, the analyst thinks that the last rally will start “a few months after” the consolidation. Credible Crypto also thinks that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may see all-time highs. In addition, the analyst warns that they should not take into account the popular altcoin XRP. Credible Crypto adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

XRP was also one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies in 2017, until it didn’t… In the 30 days following BTC’s peak, XRP had a total gain of 62% for its cycle. It went up more than 10x, bringing it to 947 or 629x. Don’t take it into account as it gets off to a slow start.

Source: Credible Crypto

Credible Crypto: We have entered a significant demand area for the popular altcoin Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Additionally, the analyst says the market has entered a significant area of ​​demand for the decentralized public network Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). Credible Crypto adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

We didn’t think we would have a 3rd chance to buy at these levels, but the market felt good. Keep in mind that each successive dip is buying aggressively, indicating seller absorption when we enter a significant HTF demand area. Buyers step here again and again.

Source: Credible Crypto

Credible Crypto: If Bitcoin reaches $55,000, I will short it!

Credible Crypto is Bitcoin (BTC) 35-38. 45-55 if he can break $000. He predicts that it will move towards $ 000. If it rises even higher, the analyst plans to short the leading cryptocurrency. Credible Crypto adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

If we can reach 55k, I will try to hedge a short term risk. I know that if we manage to get there, many will be enthusiastic about the new ATH while in reality that area is the most likely place to see a mid-term rejection. Have a plan…

Here are the successful predictions of Credible Crypto

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As we have previously reported as , Credible Crypto recently said that XRP will retreat to around $0.20 and $0.168 before continuing to rise to a higher level. XRP acted exactly as the analyst stated and dropped to this low.

In March of this year, Credible Crypto also correctly predicted that the XRP price would go on a big rise after it was considered a healthy correction. At the time, the cryptocurrency was trading close to $0.5 and later in the month it started approaching $2 by April. Apart from that, the analyst correctly predicted some of Ripple’s short-term price movements.

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