A popular crypto trader and analyst highlighted two altcoins on his radar while saying that XRP is in a bullish trend. This analyst, named Credible Crypto, comes to the fore as the “Ripple prophet” with his previous predictions for XRP.

Ripple seer: XRP poised to rise

The trader, known in the industry as Credible, tells his 243,400 Twitter followers that the cryptocurrency XRP looks poised to rise against Bitcoin (XRP/BTC). The analyst expressed this thought in just two words: “Taurus. XRP”

Source: Credible/Twitter

Crypto analyst shares the chart of XRP/BTC and says that the pair shows readiness to rally to $0.000055 BTC worth $2.54. If this level is reached, XRP will have risen more than 160 percent from its current value of 0.000021 BTC ($0.89).

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As we reported as , Credible Crypto’s XRP predictions are particularly noteworthy because the analyst had previously said and knew that XRP would fall to $0.168 before rising to $0.20 and above. He also stated in March that XRP would experience a serious rise after experiencing a healthy correction – XRP was changing hands at $ 0.50 at the time and rose above $ 1.5 in April.

Analyst points out CAKE and CRV

The crypto strategist shared information from decentralized finance (DeFi) data firm Coin98 Analytics that CRV has reached a total kidollary value (TVL) of more than $13.2 billion to date. CAKE ranks third in terms of TVL with $4.74 billion in the same timeframe. The trader used the following statements:

Many people ignore CRV (and therefore CVX) and CAKE. I don’t. I’ve been loading up on these three for the past couple of months. There’s still more time to board the plane, but it won’t take much longer.

Crypto trader also commented on Bitcoin (BTC). He expects altcoins to fly as Bitcoin changes in the near-term, and he thinks the Bitcoin dominance chart will drop to all-time lows. “I believe BTC will allow altcoins to rise in the coming weeks/months and send BTC dominance to all-time lows,” he said, and shared the above dominance chart.

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