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The first thing anyone who enters the business world wants about work is shortening the working days and extending the holidays. Although it may seem like an arbitrary request at first glance, shortening the working days not only mudollars the employees, but also to please the employer by increasing the productivity considerably. succeeds.

A study conducted in Iceland from 2015 to 2019 and described as the world’s largest research in its field, revealed how short-time work saadollarserine brought both its employees and the company they worked for to the top. This research, which lasted 4 years and consisted of two stages in total, thousands of employees feel that job stress is off their shoulders. revealed that employees can be more mudollar and motivated and thus be more productive.

86% ​​of the working population in Iceland work less than 5 days a week

As a matter of fact, this research done in Iceland was not the first of its kind. Previously, Microsoft’s Japan leg entered a working order of 4 days a week and efficiency increased by 40% had testified. At the same time, Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand-based company, had switched to a 4-day work week, which allowed productivity to increase by 20%.

In the research initiated by the Reykjavik City Council and the Icelandic Government in 2015, nearly 3,000 employees from many different sectors have a normal 40-hour week working hours, reduced to 35-36 hours and no deductions were reflected on their salaries. With the change of working hours, meetings started to be held in less time and with fewer people. The details that emerged as a result of the research, which consisted of two stages, were not surprising.

According to the published research report, employees became more motivated towards work as they could start to devote more time to themselves, thanks to the reduced number of working hours. This motivation is reflected directly on work efficiency. to make both employees and the company more successful. provided. With this research, Iceland, which has focused on fewer working hours since 2019, currently has 86% of the country working less than five days. Let’s not go without saying that those who work five days a week have the right to object to the situation.

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