The world’s largest online shopping site Amazon, came up with a topic that attracted attention during the day. According to the claims of the newspaper City A. M. based on an executive from within the company, the technology giant, especially Bitcoin, this year. variousdollars payment with cryptocurrencies would start accepting.

While the allegations are not limited to this, City A. M. stated that Amazon is looking for an expert to manage this business and that the company even within a year. own cryptocurrency also claimed that he would release it. With this news, Bitcoin, after a long time, rose above the level of 40 thousand dollars and made investors smile. However, Amazon made a statement on the subject, albeit late.

Amazon denied the allegations:

In an e-mail statement, Amazon said it will accept payments with Bitcoin. while denying the allegations underlined that he will still continue to research cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, which rose to the level of $ 40 thousand 600 during the day, relaxed a little after the news and fell to $ 37 thousand 500. As of the writing of this article, Bitcoin is trading at $ 38 thousand 130.

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Michael Lewis


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