James Bond, one of the longest-running series in the history of cinema, is the 25th Bond film. ”No Time to Die” is preparing to meet with its audience. In fact, the first information about the movie started to emerge in 2019, and the one that has the most place on the agenda is a movie for the first time in the last movie of the series. female “007” character it had happened that we were going to see it.

The name chosen for the character was the successful actress Lashana Lynch. Lynch will inherit the 007 title from the Bond character played by Daniel Craig for the past five films. will have a kind of new ‘Bond’. Unfortunately, the reactions following the announcement of this decision were not always positive. In particular, a female and black 007 ‘doesn’t fit in the series’ and that only a white male can portray a 007the number of people who said it was quite high.

‘I don’t care what you think”:

Lashana Lynch, who brought the character to life, spoke about the comments that came after this development, which was very important and exciting for her career. Lynch, especially on social media about racist and sexist comments‘Except to say what you think is none of my business I have nothing to say to trolls, you have the freedom to live in your own truth, just as I have the freedom to live in my own truth” he said.

Lynch is the fifth black female character to have a major role in 25 Bond films. Other black actresses in the series in the past are Gloria Hendry, Grace Jones, Halle Berry and Naomie Harris. Lynch, who wanted her choice of roles and representation of character to inspire young black women, said: We know what it feels like to be misrepresented and underrepresented and while we feel like we don’t have a voice We know what it feels like to wish anyone in the world to tell our truth for us. And I hope that my career, my choice of roles, and just being myself really shines a light on our strength.” he said.

No Time to Die, the last movie of the Bond series, will be released in the UK on September 30 and in our country on October 1. The movie will be the last production of Daniel Craig, who has been playing the role of Bond in 5 movies, to give life to the character.

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