Performed by a group of scientists in Switzerland ” Blue Brain Project” Revealed very remarkable information about COVID-19. Experts who conducted an in-depth study based on 240 thousand articles written to date, revealed a more interesting link between COVID-19 and diabetes patients. NS a diabetic is experiencing COVID-19 much more severely.

Even more striking of Eilen’s findings is the relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes. mutual of a relationship. The disease, which also affects the pancreas, causes a healthy individual to become diabetic. Commenting on the Blue Brain Project, Prof. Dr. Barbaros Cetin caught COVID-19 in New York A 14-year-old boy states that he had a diabetes attack after the disease was sold to adolescents, and that this child had to fight diabetes until the end of his life.

80% of the patients admitted to the intensive care unit were diabetic.

According to the Blue Brain Project, published in July in Frontiers in Public Health. high blood sugar creates the most favorable conditions possible for the spread of the coronavirus in the lung. In addition, diabetes triggers the complications of COVID-19. In fact, it is the very high blood sugar in the blood that initiates the symptoms of the disease. According to the studies, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care units more than 80 percent Barbaros Çetin, who stated that he has diabetes, stated that events such as multi-organ failure and blood clotting in these patients that it can develop very quickly draws attention.

Using advanced artificial intelligence within the scope of the Blue Brain Project, scientists have shown that diabetes patients are affected by COVID-19. their proclivity has been revealed. This means that diabetes patients, who are already known to be in the risk group, compared to other people. to be much more attentive means required. Of course, the most basic and easiest way to prevent disease is vaccine. Diabetes patients should be vaccinated with mudolsaka if they get approval from their doctor. . .

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