Similar to most other altcoin projects, The Graph (GRT) has seen wild swings this year. It started the year at $0.35, reached an all-time high of $2.88 in February, and dropped to $0.75 in May. Crypto gained about 150 percent YTD.

But now the altcoin has been on an upward trajectory lately and is catching the attention of investors. So how high can The Graph price go and why is it rising? The Graph was launched in July 2018 with the vision of creating a decentralized indexing protocol for Web3. The initial supply limit of The Graph token is 10 billion. There are 2.9 billion GRT cryptocurrencies in circulation.

The Graph (

What is GRT) crypto?

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data on blockchains. It is somewhat similar to the Google-like information indexing service for blockchains. The graphic has already been adopted by DeFi projects such as UniSwap, Synthetix, Decentraland, Aragon and others. GRT is an Ethereum token that powers The Graph.

GRT price predictions

Algorithm-based forecasting firm WalletInvestor isn’t too optimistic about GRT. In fact, he predicts that the altcoin price will drop 72 percent in one year to $0.256. According to Coinpedia, GRT could gain about 5 percent from the current price as a baseline scenario.

Coinpedia predicts a price of $1.60 (75 percent gain) by the end of 2021 if Graph’s previously announced Edge & Node company helps develop the blockchain protocol. On the other hand, according to Coinpedia, in a bearish scenario, the altcoin could lose 75 percent of its value by the end of 2021.

Why is The Graph price rising?

After experiencing wild swings and losing significant value from its all-time high, GRT has been bullish recently. Gained over 70 percent gains in less than a month. This is mainly about the general sense of recovery in the crypto space after the pressure from China. Like other altcoins, GRT follows the lead of Bitcoin, which has gained nearly 50 percent from July lows.

How high can the GRT price go?

According to experts, The Graph is likely to continue to rise as its applications are more adopted by DeFi projects. According to Analisdollarser, there is a possibility that GRT will increase by 40-50 percent to reach $1.25 by the end of 2021.

The Graph price prediction 2025!

According to expert Anuradha Garg, by 2025 The Graph could become the “Google of Blockchains” as it is sometimes referred to now. According to Anuradha Garg, if The Graph continues to develop its network and expand its use cases, the token could be many times over its current price.

According to Coinpedia, GRT could reach $5.4 in the next five years if the community focuses on investing in other specific projects and developing Blockchain infrastructure. Digital Coin Price predicts that GRT will reach $2.3 by the end of 2025.

Will the altcoin project GRT reach $5?

To reach $5, GRT would need to increase by 470 percent from the current price. While such gains are in the crypto market, in the short to medium term, the coin does not have a strong enough catalyst to push it to $5. However, according to Anuradha Garg, as the network continues to evolve and adoption increases, the price may eventually rise to $5.

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