SteelSeries, the leading peripherals manufacturer, with which professional esports players earn the most prize money, is gaining acclaim with its durable and aesthetic products. It also encourages users to reflect their style with the New SteelSeries PrismCaps, where they can customize the products they choose according to their needs.

Users may have different expectations and needs from their equipment in parallel with different usage areas. Writers and editors, as well as gamers, may prefer mechanical keyboards for reasons such as durability and high performance. SteelSeries, the first manufacturer of mechanical gaming keyboards, meets this need with products that meet the varying expectations of different users. Moreover, with the new PrismCaps, which takes equipment customization one step further, it allows users to reflect their personal style.

First of its kind Apex Pro

The sensitivity of each key on the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL model keyboards, which are the first of their kind, can be adjusted individually. With the OmniPoint adjustable operating switch technology, users can change the key sensitivity as they wish. Long operating switches (3.6mm) reduce the possibility of errors during operation, while users may prefer shorter operating switches (0.4mm) when higher response speeds are needed. OLED smart screens, which are common to both models, transmit instant notifications from within the game and applications such as Discord to users.

Different options for different needs

Apex 7 and Apex 7 TKL, which has a more compact size, are the other models that offer different key options according to the needs. Users can choose between red, blue and brown switches that offer different sensitivity in accordance with their habits and areas of use. OLED smart displays, one of the features that make SteelSeries keyboards stand out, are available on both models. In addition, with the clickable metal wheel next to the smart screen, changes and adjustments are made between sound, brightness and recorded profiles without leaving the game.

RGB coloring, one of the personalization features that SteelSeries attaches importance to in its equipment, also stands out on the brand’s keyboards. Redesigned lighting features can be synced with other SteelSeries equipment, as well as providing zones that respond to in-game interactions or notifications and can project 16.8 million colours. These regions not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also reflect the actions in the game.

Show your style with new PrismCaps

Personalization features appear not only in areas of ease of use and performance, but also in areas of design and aesthetics. With the newly released SteelSeries PrismCaps products, users can add their own style to the keyboards they choose according to their needs. PrismCaps keypads have translucent borders and letters. This design enables to capture a brighter and more eye-catching RGB lighting performance. Thanks to its thermoplastic PBT material, it is resistant to problems such as wiping and tissue change even after long-term use.

The new PrismCaps are compatible with all SteelSeries MX body mechanical keyboards such as Apex 5, Apex 7TKL and Apex ProTKL. In addition, there are two different sets of alternative “bottom row keypads” that adapt to the key widths of other brands of mechanical keyboards. With the keycap removal tool that comes out of the product box, it makes changing the keyboard keypad a quick and easy experience. PrismCaps has two different color options, white and black.

For more detailed information about the peripheral equipment produced by SteelSeries by considering the needs of each user and the new SteelSeries PrismCaps where you can reflect your style, please visit https://tr. steelseries. You can visit com/.

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