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Realtek has launched a range of products at CES 2022 that includes networking, multimedia and consumer electronics solutions.

Realtek introduced its integrated ultra-low power consumption next-generation chip for AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) wireless network cameras. The new low-power ICs will greatly extend the working days of battery-powered systems. The SoC is housed in a 10x10mm2 QFN package and features a faster CPU, Dual Bandwidth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE5, ISP H. 264/H. It has 265 video encoders, audio codec, DRAM memory, security engine and AI NN engine. The RDollars8735B SoC can also help customers design a lightweight and compact IoT doorbell, portable camera, home device, or any AIoT equipment and battery-powered IoT devices that require a wireless camera.

The first quad-core CPU/Wi-Fi 6/BT5. Running 3 and Dual Linux OS/FreeRTOS System and featuring a highly integrated SoC, RDollars8730E comes as Realtek’s latest IoT solution. Intelligent audio functions can be easily placed in the home aledollar series or a home central control platform. The SoC is able to offer low latency and low power consumption via Wi-Fi 6.

Ameba Smart, on the other hand, can stream audio to Bluetooth LE Audio devices via the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard, while connecting wearable devices and Bluetooth sensors.

Realtek, on the other hand, announced its Wi-Fi 6 AP router solution with AI QoS control to improve traditional QoS parameter tuning and reduce setup time. It is possible to control the network performance by setting the bandwidth to amic.

E.g. User A is playing a game, conference or watching a movie online. When user B uses a cloud backup service or downloads updates, user A’s experience is disrupted by latency. Realtek’s new AI QoS will reduce the download/upload bandwidth of non-critical applications and ensure that user A’s quality experience remains stable for all latency sensitive applications.

Taiwanese company, 5G/2 by the end of 2022. It will launch 5GbE Single-Chip Ethernet Controller series compatible with IEEE 802. 3bz Multi-Gigabit functions, supporting 5G/1G/100M/10Mbps network bandwidths. Realtek 5Gb Ethernet products provide a variety of interfaces for a wide variety of applications (such as PC, PON, Cable Modem, Wi-Fi 6 AP router, switch, CPE, onboard and external network card, PCIe/USB-Ethernet accessories).

Also 10G/5G/2 earlier in the year. RDollars8261N, a 10GbE Ethernet PHY supporting 5G/1G/100Mbps network bandwidths, is released. Realtek aims to provide a competitive total solution for Switch and PON applications in the 10G market with the RDollars8261N. Realtek’s 10Gb Ethernet PHY adopts the Advanced Quad Flat No-lead (aQFN) package and offers the only aQFN 10GbE PHY solution in the world.

Network equipment manufacturer also introduced the RDollars8373+RDollars8224 2.5Gbe Ethernet switch solution, which can be used in environments such as 2.5G NAS, 2.5G servers, computer games, 2.5G Wi-Fi 6 routers, 4K video.

The RDollars8373+RDollars8224 features 8 x 2.5G and 1 x 10G Ethernet ports with ultra-low power consumption, ideally designed for real-time streaming for Lan Party, other home entertainment systems and small home offices/studios. It also does not require complex settings and the Ethernet cable does not need to be upgraded to Cat6.

Using the 160 MHz bandwidth and the cleaner 6 GHz band, the speed goes up to 1.8 Gbps with the RDollars8832CU. In this context, the 2 GB file transfer is expected to be completed in 15~20 seconds.

Offering 6GHz support in Wi-Fi 6E, RDollars8852CE is tasked with boosting overall Wi-Fi performance to achieve the highest throughput for a better speed experience with the lowest latency. Supporting multi-streaming and broadcast audio, integrated BLE Audio further reduces power consumption to provide consumers with a better overall gaming experience.

The RDollars8773E is a single-chip Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 (BLE 5.2) Audio SoC solution that provides both transmitter and receiver functions. Additionally, open SDK is available for customers to develop their own applications for ultra low power applications.

Multi System Operators (MSOs) need a high-performance and power-efficient Set-Top Box (STB) SoC platform to provide functions beyond just video service delivery. Realtek’s new STB SoC designs are based on the advanced 12nm process and offer full HDMI 2.1 support. Based on these chips, Android and RDK (Reference Design Kit, RDK Management managed by open source consortium) continue to support comprehensive AV technology and pre-certification for applications for STB platforms (RTD1319/RTD1619B), OTT and hybrid products, providing the most advanced technology for MSOs. It delivers reliable SoC and shortens time-to-market.

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