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Update 12. 2 also introduces Survivor Pass: TAEGO, based on the main themes in the new map. Update 12. 2 will be released on PC on July 7 and on consoles on July 15. Players who want to preview Update 12. 2 can log in to the PC test server today.

PUBG Taehyun Kim, World Development Manager, said, “PUBG Studios has introduced a variety of unique maps, and we are proud to finally present TAEGO, a Korean-themed map,” adding, “New and existing PUBG

We hope players will enjoy the new gameplay experiences, features and elements found on the new map,” he concluded.

Set in the Hosan prison in TAEGO, KRAFTON’s first live-action short film “Zero Point” is now live. Starring Don Lee (“Marvel Studios’ Eternals”, “Train to Busan”), “Zero Point” is set in the PUBG Universe and sees Lee playing a dishonorable prisoner trying to escape from an opposition prison. The short film is directly linked to the lore story of the new TAEGO map. “Zero Point” is “The Unknown” starring Jonathan Frakes (“Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”) as the latest examples of KRAFTON’s promise to expand the PUBG Universe and lore story through high-quality narrative-focused content. Accompanying Mysteries: Batdollarsegrounds Nativity Story.

You can find more details about PUBG Update 12. 2 below. You can view detailed PC patch nodollars here, and watch the latest patch report video here. Console patch nodollaryellow will be available in the coming weeks.

As mentioned in last month’s PUBG 2021 Development Plan, TAEGO (formerly Codename: Tiger) in 1980s South Korea allows players to compete in vast and diverse landscapes, from wide open reeds to the close quarters of Hosan prison. TAEGO, the first new 8×8 map to be released in a few years, has unique features exclusive to this map, including Return BR (second chance mechanic) and Self AED (self-reviving item).

Introducing “Survivor Pass: TAEGO”: The theme of this Survivor Pass is mostly inspired by the new map TAEGO. Players can earn a variety of rewards as they progress through 50 levels on PC from July 7 and on console from July 15. And that’s not all – players who pass level 50 can receive bonus rewards including medals, emblems and G-Coins.

KRAFTON partnered with Hyundai to bring their first concept car, the Pony Coupe, to PUBG. Exclusive to the TAEGO map, the Pony Coupe features an all-wheel drive design that provides enhanced control for terrains with a variety of terrains in TAEGO. The Pony Coupe was designed by legendary automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and premiered for the first time in 1974.

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