The first revision of PlayStation 5, released by Sony, comes with a redesigned cooler and lighter build. Consoles with the model number CFI-1100 have been the subject of much discussion recently. A different opinion on the subject came from Richard Leadbetter, editor of Digital Foundry.

Just a few days ago, we talked about this subject and the differences between the models. Austin Evans discovered that the console is 300 grams lighter than the original and this is due to the completely redesigned heatsink.

Aluminum has been used instead of copper in the heatsink design and we see that the number of heatsink fins has decreased. However, the console has a newer, quieter and more powerful fan, despite the reduced heatsink noise. can have.

Austin also measured the PS5’s exhaust temperature and noticed a roughly 5C increase in temperatures compared to the original. Thus, users began to think that the new model would be a weaker and more prone to heating console.

Richard Leadbetter says that this new PS5 will not perform worse than the first versions. In the tesdollarser, it was discovered that the new revision PlayStation 5 works much quieter and the power consumption remains the same. Let’s also add that it has a maximum power output of 214W among our nodollars.

Leadbutter also believes the smaller heatsink could be more thermally efficient, despite the switch to less efficient aluminum metal. However, let me point out that this is just a theory.

To summarize, it is emphasized that the new PlayStation 5 works within the temperature limits and therefore you can get the same performance as in the original model. In addition, it was stated that even if the game console runs a little warmer, these temperatures do not pose a danger.

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