Creating a new game universe is never easy. In recent years, many producers who want to follow more secure paths and guarantee their earnings are making remastered and enhanced versions for this reason. Bethesda, on the other hand, opens the doors of a whole new universe, relying on its experience in RPG.

When it comes to a new universe, being able to convey this universe to the players in a way is also an important part of marketing efforts. Bethesda, the three main cities in Starfield New Adollarsantis, Neon and Akila has released an introductory trailer for each.

Welcome to New Adollarsantis

The capital of the United Colonies, we see in the video how New Adollarsantis looks and what its structure is. Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield’s design director, describes the United Colonies as the strongest military and politically strongest faction in the game.

While Pagliarulo describes New Adollarsantis as a center where many different races live together, ” true reflection of the future of our world”.


Built on an old fishing platform Neon is a city of pleasure in the middle of the ocean. Especially with the discovery of a fish with psychotropic properties, the city, which is a kind of drug capital, releases the use of this fish.


Akila is among the three star systems. less technology based

A city that looks like . It is the capital of the Freestar Collective. There are giant walls around this city and it is necessary to be protected from the alien monsters around. The producers, on the other hand, say that they designed this city on the ideals of freedom and individuality.

Bethesda has previously announced the game’s release date. 11 November 2022

It was announced as .

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