Yuri Bubliy, creator of DRAM Calculator and Clock Tuner for Ryzen, claims that we may see new Ryzen CPUs by the end of January. Yuri “1usmus” Bubliy is now working on a new tool called Project Hydra. The developer announced that this new software will support both the Ryzen 5000 series and the unreleased Ryzen 6000 series.

While the naming of upcoming Zen 3 processors with 3D V-Cache technology was a matter of debate, different names such as Ryzen 5000 XT or Ryzen 6000 series were spoken. It has not been confirmed that the series will actually be called the Ryzen 6000 series, nor will it be definitively released at the end of January. However, Project Hydra 1.04D, which will be released at the end of November, will indeed have preliminary support for these chips.

Project Hydra will be an overclocking tool that offers features such as automatic detection of Curve Optimizer values, changing the voltage and frequency curve, creation of amic profiles, and various performance and efficiency enhancing features such as low voltage. Considered a newer version of Clock Tuner for Ryzen, the software can be used to set the limits and potential of each Ryzen 5000/6000 CPU.

Project Hydra surfaced a few months ago, and it’s described as one of the most ambitious overclocking projects ever seen. Hydra’s goal is to eliminate the quirks that modern Ryzen processors experience during overclocking, especially regarding manual adjustment of multiplier and core voltage.

Due to Ryzen’s design, manual overclocking does not always produce the best results. Also, when applying voltage to the CPU manually, some silicon compatibility features are disabled, so chip failures occur faster.

Hydra can overcome all these issues by ensuring that every manual core overclock is done with precision and security in mind. First, each core is automatically overclocked with Prime95 to ensure the most stable frequency possible. However, Hydra takes into account the chip’s default VID levels (required core voltage) to ensure voltages stay within safety limits.

There is no exact date for the release of the new vehicle, but according to the shared tweet, it will be released in the last week of November.

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