When purchasing a vehicle, the differences between the hardware packages and the series are one of the most annoying and confusing factors for the buyer. Ambient lighting, When we say the size of the multimedia screen, we may have to sacrifice a few thousand liras to upgrade to a higher hardware package.

However, we can buy many design-oriented features from the internet and integrate them into our vehicle with our own means. For those who are not satisfied with the equipment package of their vehicle or those who drive old models, we have listed some technological products that will take their cars to the next level of equipment.

The products that you can sell to your vehicle for approximately 1,200 Dollars:

  • Ugreen Bluetooth Audio Adapter / 260.43 Dollars
  • ELM327 OBD Vehicle Detector / 69.90 Dollars
  • 3 in 1 Dashboard 62.90 Dollars
  • Sliding Headlight LED / 59,90 Dollars
  • Joyecar J5 Digital Rearview Mirror / 699 Dollars
  • Digital Parking Sensor / 59.99 Dollars
  • Ambience LED Lighting / 59,90 Dollars

So that you won’t be left without music: Ugreen Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Adapter with Support

  • Price: 260.43 Dollars

Most of the new models released already have Bluetooth support. However, we think that vehicle owners who only have AUX or CD input in their vehicles should start with an adapter that will provide Bluetooth support. After all, nobody likes to wait patiently for your favorite song to play on the radio.

As someone who has used Ugreen brand Bluetooth adapters before, this would be one of the first models I can recommend. You can integrate the Ugreen Bluetooth 4.2 APTX Supported Transceiver Audio Adapter with your car via USB, although I have used it for a long time in my personal life. Since it is plugged into the USB port, you can use the adapter, which offers music experience while charging, on any other speaker that has a USB port but does not have a Bluetooth connection. You can click here to browse the product.

Learn all the problems in your vehicle: ELM327 OBD Vehicle Diagnostic Tool

  • Price: 69.90 Dollars

Thanks to the technology, if there is any problem in the vehicle, we can see this problem directly on the instrument panel. Whether there is an incompatibility between the gearbox and the engine, whether the tire pressures have fallen or the wiper has run out of water, we can see all of these, but this feature is mostly possible in cars with digital instrument panel, that is, in models with higher equipment levels.

One of the best devices you can use to skin your vehicle is the OBD vehicle diagnostic tool. You can read what this device does and in what situations it is used by going to our previous article.

Those who have used OBD devices before know that it is very difficult to find the right OBD for your own vehicle. We are users for this. recommends the ELM327, a model with mostly good reviews. but you need to make sure that the device is compatible with the vehicle before you buy it.

For those who love classics: 3 in 1 Dashboard

  • Price: 62.90 Dollars

One of the things that makes a car look most beautiful is the panels with additional indicators such as turbo pressure, oil temperature and stopwatch, just like in the Volkswagen Scirocco. We haven’t been able to see this indicator kidollar series much in new models, but it is possible to integrate them into the car by purchasing them online.

The product we recommend to you consists of a display kit with thermometer, hygrometer and compass navigation. If you want to examine the product that looks very stylish and can be useful to you. here you can click.

Slide-on-Headlight LED for Audi-like Matrix headlights

  • Price: 59.90 Dollars

You know how stylish Audi’s Matrix LED group looks. You do not need to buy an Audi to have this eye-catching headlight group. For this, you can buy led strip headlights by clicking here and you can have sliding LEDs on the headlight by following the instructions yellow.

Digital version of the rear view mirror: Joyecar J5 5″ Full HD Rear View Mirror

  • Price: 699 Dollars

Electronic rear view mirrors have become quite popular lately. Automobile brands do not implement such technology in their models, but it is possible to buy them online and use them comfortably.

The Joyecar J5 5-inch Full HD rear view mirror is touch-sensitive, allowing drivers to clearly see what is happening behind, thanks to the camera located at the rear of the vehicle. Next to the rear-view mirror, there is a camera with a 170-degree viewing angle. Thanks to this camera, the mirror immediately moves the images captured during the collision to another folder, making it easier for the driver to understand what is happening at the time of the impact. To browse the product here you can click.

A must have in every car: Digital Parking Sensor

  • Price: 59.99 Dollars

Even in the standard equipment of new model cars, there are parking sensors with sound warning, but unfortunately it is not possible to find this feature in older models. This product, which has managed to get full points from the drivers, digitally displays the distance to the collision as well as the sound warning.

The detection distance of the parking sensor is 0.2-1.5 meters as standard, but you can change this distance according to your desire. If you want to examine this device, which is activated when you put the vehicle in reverse, here you can click.

Shining everywhere: Ambience LED Lighting

  • Price: 59.90 Dollars

We are presenting our list of products that will take your car to the next level with ambient LED lighting, which is indispensable in every new model. As you know, these LED lights really give the vehicle a completely different feel, but unfortunately, most brands give this feature in the middle or top equipment packagedollar series.

If there is no ambient LED lighting in your vehicle, you can reach the product that you can use any color in your vehicle by clicking here, just like the sliding LED on the headlight. This product, which costs only 59.90 Dollars, has a sound-sensitive system as well as offering 12 different colors.

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