A world-renowned actor with the character of Michael Scofield, played in the TV series Prison Break, which left its mark on a period. Wentworth Miller, announced that he was diagnosed with autism. The actress, who made her statements on the subject on Instagram, explained that this is not something she can change. according to Miller being autistic is one of the reasons for everything he has accomplished to date.

Wentworth Miller explained that the unofficial diagnosis came a year before that. Later, the famous actor, who explained that the diagnosis was officially made, long diagnostic process and stated that it was defective. Wentworth Miller, who was candid in his statements on Instagram, diagnosis of autism stated that he is aware of the privilege that many people do not like.

Shocking but no surprise

The famous actress, who admitted that she did not know much about autism, added that she had a lot to learn about the subject. Miller, 49 years old states that he thinks it is necessary to re-examine the experience he has had so far. Prison Break actor says his experiences are shocking but no surprise says.

The famous actress, in the statements she made on Instagram, about the extent of her autism. didn’t say anything. In other words, it is not known whether there are situations such as the obsessions seen in adults or the inability to do any work. Miller shared his words on Instagram to people in his life. thanks ended. . .

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