Gaming mice have gained great importance with increasingly competitive games today. Mice, which are of great importance especially in FPS games, can be sold for very expensive prices according to the brand. We American gamers, price/performance we are trying to make the best choice by concentrating on the products.

Price-performance player equipment manufacturers such as Rampage, on the other hand, are exposed to intense interest. There are many alternative price/performance products for gaming mice, which are indispensable for FPS games. Request Rampage SMX R44model alternativegaming mice:

Rampage SMX R44 Similar Price Performance Gaming Mice:

  • Monster Pusat V8
  • Corsair Qatar Pro
  • Logitech G102
  • Logitech G300s
  • Gamepower URSA
  • MSI GG Clutch GM08
  • James Donkey 112i

With 18 programmable keys: Monster Pusat V8

American computer manufacturer Monster is also actively working on computer equipment. Monster Pusat V8 draws attention with 18 programmable mechanical keys on the left side. The mouse, which can go up to 6200 DPI without software, provides maximum flexibility to the player with software. 12400DPI offers. The device has 8 RGB lighting modes and supports 16.8 million colors. Also, to further personalize your gaming experience. 8 weights

It comes with . With these weights, you can bring the device to the most suitable weight for your hand. You can find the product here.

Only 69 grams: Corsair Qatar Pro

A highly renowned hardware and equipment manufacturer, Corsair is generally known for its high-quality, high-price products. Although most of its products are expensive, the Qatar Pro model mouse draws attention with its price / performance ratio. The most striking aspect of the device is that it is ultra-light. 69 grams Qatar Pro, with its lightness, has gained the intense appreciation of users who are looking for a light mouse. It is said to be a suitable mouse especially for FPS and MOBA games. With its symmetrical design, the mouse can adapt to many different mouse grip styles. It also has a 12,400 DPI optical sensor. You can find the product here.

For those who like small and plain mice: Logitech G102

Famous computer equipment manufacturer Logitech is also a very popular manufacturer in our country. Logitech G102 LightSync, which has a very high price / performance ratio announced in 2020, manages to enter our list. G102 LightSync weighs 169 grams, has new generation lighting and Logitech G Hub, it is a very up-to-date and modern price/performance mouse that can be customized with. The mouse has a very small and simple design. The device has a metal spring system that adjusts the key tension, thus making the experience much better. You can find the product here.

Indispensable legend: Logitech G300s

Another popular price / performance mouse of Logitech is the Logitech G300s, which has been old for years. The product still sells well and gets lots of comments from users. Logitech G300s, which has successfully maintained its price / performance ratio since its release, 200-2500DPI. On a mouse with a frequency of 1ms 9 programmable button. The mouse, which is smaller and lighter than the G102, is only 82 grams weighs in. There are a total of 4 keys on both sides of the right and left main keys of the G300s. Although these keys reduce the click area a little, they are not a big problem, especially for players who prefer claw grip. Logitech G300s, which is quite ergonomic and simple, managed to take its place in our list with its popularity. You can find the product here.

20 million clicks life with Omron switches: Gamepower URSA

Some computer equipment manufacturers can only work on price / performance. Gamepower, whose almost every equipment is price / performance, is one of these brands. Mouse, non-slip and sweat-proof on a rubber surface owned. Thanks to these surfaces on the right and left sides, you can continue to play without slipping your fingers. Omron

Mouse with gaming switches manufactured by , 20 million clicks offers longevity. These switches are also very assertive in response time. URSA, which comes with 7 programmable keys, can go up to 10000 DPI. The device also has Macro software and RGB lighting. You can find the product here.

With red dragon lighting: MSI GG Clutch GM08

MSI, which is very popular in computer hardware and equipment, attracts attention with its high price / performance ratio mice. GG Clutch GM08 can be a good option for gamers with its very affordable price. weighs 130 grams, 200-4200DPI GM08, which comes across as a gaming mouse with red lighting that offers DPI support, Dragon Center can work with software. It is possible to adjust the weight of the mouse, which comes with a gold-plated USB connection, according to you. It is a highly rated device with its features and price. You can find the product here.

Price/Performance monster: James Donkey 112i

When it comes to price/performance, James Donkey takes his place among the popular brands. James Donkey 112i model gaming mouse, 3200DPI and 6 keys available. The mouse, thanks to the micro switch on the keys 5 million clicks lifetime offers. You can find the product here.

We have come to the end of our article on Rampage SMX R44-like price/performance mice. Do you have a mouse that you use in the list? Which mice would we like to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments section.

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