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Nowadays, when you want to collect a computer focused on professional editing / drawing or games , you will see that most of the money goes to the graphics card . The reason for this is basically that these hardware processes graphics data . This simply means that the better your graphics card is, the better the graphics data will be processed, and the better your gaming, drawing or editing experience will be.

For this reason, as in every field, the more models you want to upgrade, the more you need to open the mouth of the purse. Today, in addition to increasing the price of chip problems, d , dry affects the price of such hardware in our country, and it becomes much more difficult to open the purse than normal . If we take into account that today the dollar sees 13 Dollars , “ Should I buy a car or a graphics card? ”, we can now accept it as normal. So, was this situation like this before ? Let’s see together.

Why did the graphics card price increase yellow?

At the beginning of the subject, of course, as in other fields, the technology reached has developed and supply cannot keep up with demand . Since this is not limited to America, we need to consider this somewhat independent of .

, on the other hand, is one of the most important factors in the increase in the price of the graphics card, as we can guess. Since these equipments come from abroad, the price of yellow is highly affected by the dollar exchange rate . Considering that the equivalent of 1 dollar is 13 Dollars , even when we do not include the taxes , the price tag that we can say is quite high will meet us.

Graphics card price yellow from past to present:

As technology develops , display cards yellow has become able to see more heavy-duty jobs. and they keep getting better. In this context , we can see small price increases as normal, but especially when we talk about our country, we see price increases that we cannot fathom over the years. Let’s take a look at the price changes of NVIDIA and AMD screen cards together.

NVIDIA display cardsyellow and priceyyellow in the past:

The price you see above is from August of 2013 . We see that the professionalism-oriented NVIDIA Quadro K5000 model, which you can see at the beginning, can be purchased for 6.817 Dollars within the campaign . One of the most advanced gaming-focused cards of its time GTX Titan AMP! Edition can be purchased for 3.385 Dollars within the campaign .

Of course, there is no rule that everyone will use the most advanced equipment of the time. When we look at the average kardollars, we see that the NVIDIA GTX 700 series cardollars , which is one of the most preferred models of 2013, fluctuate between 800 and 2000 Dollars . When you wanted to buy other average cardollars, you even had the opportunity to set 800 Dollars as the upper limit .

NVIDIA display cards are yellow and yellow today:

today is the professional oriented K5000 graphics card that we just mentioned When you want it, you have to sacrifice an average of 15 thousand Dollars . It should be noted that the hardware of these cards is old, so you should think twice before choosing it. We do this comparison to see the price increase between 2013 and 2021.

Today, the Quadro series is powered by RTX . In the image above, you can see the prices of the Quadro RTX 8000 , which we can count as the most up-to-date member of the series, on different sites.

When we look at the average NVIDIA models, today GTX 1000 series maintains its reputation. Especially when we look at cards such as 1050 Ti and 1060 , price tags such as 2,500 and 3,000 Dollars greet us. Let us remind you that when we bought the price in 2013, the dollar was approximately 1.92 Dollars , and today it is 13 Dollars.

AMD display cardsyellow and priceyyellow in the past:

Being cheaper than NVIDIA models over the years When we look at the AMD display cards, we see that the price is slightly lower than the NVIDIA models. HD 7000 series 7990 , one of the most popular series of 2013, could be bought for 2.908 Dollars within the campaign . We could easily find other members of the series for under 2000 Dollars .

We didn’t even have to go over 1000 Dollars for the average models . On this date, the dollar was around 2 Dollars.

AMD display cardsyellow and fiadollaryellow today:

Looking at today’s mid-range AMD cardollarar , the RX 570 is still We can see you standing. This graphics card starts at 3,000 Dollars and 6,000 Dollars , including used today. The other average AMD graphics card prices are yellow as well.

Old model display cardollaryellow is not preferred because of both software support and the old technology used on them. For this reason, when we try to focus on current parts, unfortunately, fiyadollarsar exceeds 6,000 Dollars and disappoints us.

The computer we collected for GTA 5 in 2015:

In a video we shot in 2015 We collected a computer for GTA 5 , we showed you the prices piece by piece, and finally we gave it to one of you. Finally, let’s add the parts of that computer and how much it cost us in total in 2015 .

  • CPU : 8-core AMD FX-8350 X8 4.0GHz – 530.78 Dollars
  • CPU cooler : Thermaltake NIC F3 CPU Cooler – 108.37 Dollars
  • Motherboard : Gigabyte 970A-DS3P ATX Motherboard – 227.87 Dollars
  • RAM : Kingston HyperX Fury Red 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 – 236.21 Dollars
  • Graphics : AMD Radeon R9 280X 3GB 384 Bits – 608.59 Dollars
  • SSD : Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB – 294.03 Dollars
  • Power Supply : Aerocool Strike-X 600W – 205.84 Dollars
  • Case : Aerocool GT Advance USB 3.0 Mid-Tower – 126.44 Dollars
  • Monitor : A OC i2367FM 23″ 5ms Full HD IPS LED – 500 Dollars
  • Keyboard & Mouse Set : Logitech MK270 – 66.41 Dollars
  • Optical Printer : Samsung SH-224DB 24X DVD-RW Black – 43.62 Dollars
  • Total: Shipping included 2986.49 Dollars

You can also share the system you use and how much it cost you on the date you bought it in the comments. In addition, you can share your predictions as to whether the price of computer parts will decrease or not. Those who say ” I will buy a car for that money ” after seeing these prices can take a look at our car recommendations under 25,000 Dollars .

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