Cryptocurrency analyst and expert Justin Bennett has announced his predictions for Ethereum and Bitcoin. According to the analyst, BTC could gain momentum to $200,000 after $65,000. The Tom DeMark (TD) Sequential indicator, which has more than 25 accurate price predictions in recent years, also confirms long-term predictions. Another analyst is waiting for a rally from leading cryptocurrencies at Pentoshi. Analisdollarserin technical comments and graphics are as follows…

Justin Bennett expects these levels from Ethereum and Bitcoin

Popular crypto analyst Justin Bennett says Bitcoin and Ethereum could rally big before the end of 2021, as the second leg of the bull market is underestimated. The analyst, who expects that if BTC breaks $ 65,000, he can reach 6-digit prices, makes the following statements:

Most investors underestimate FOMO above $65,000. Everyone thought the bull market was over. If it doesn’t and Bitcoin reclaims $65,000, we will see a FOMO like never before. In this case, it will be on the table for BTC to reach above $200,000 by the end of the year.

Analyst Bennett states that although he has a target of $ 200,000 from BTC, this path will not be easy. Bennett’s expectations in the rally are as follows:

As always, there are no guarantees. Also, Bitcoin has a lot of work to do to reclaim $65,000. It will not be easy. However, I think many still underestimate the potential of the second leg of this bull run.

Bennett also states that BTC’s 65,000 resistance is a critical resistance level for the $100,000 target:

The second-to-last key resistance for BTC before its ATH is the $47,000 region. The last one is of course $65,000. Turn $47,000 to support daily and weekly timeframes and the bull run is likely to continue above $100,000. I’m looking for $40,000 to hold as support.

Meanwhile, Bennett also revealed his expectations for Ethereum besides BTC. The chart below shows the analyst’s bullish pattern and price expectations for ETH:

According to Bennett’s chart, the leading smart contract platform could hit $18,000, representing a possible increase of over 475% from its current price of $3,130. Adding that the short-term target is $3,600, the analyst determines the following critical support levels for Ethereum (ETH):

ETH has been an investors’ dream since July. There has been no shortage of opportunities since recovering from $1,700. The next stop is $3,600 as long as $2,900 remains support.

According to analyst Pentoshi, once these levels are broken, the Bitcoin train cannot be stopped

Apart from Bennett, another crypto analyst at Pentoshi says that once BTC breaks certain ranges, it cannot be stopped. The critical resistance for the rally is $48,000, the technical levels are as follows:

At over $48,000, I think there’s nothing to stop this train. It is the last level structurally that can create a lower level in the macro. 45,000-48. $ 000 is a very strong resistance I think due to the time we stayed above it. It could possibly see $40,600 again before any real breakouts.

On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) seems ready for a bullish paddling around $2,700. Pentoshi’s Ethereum predictions are as follows:

Good area for an HL is marked on the chart (below). This is the first area where I will be making personal purchases in my new trading port. Now that we have an HH, I would like to see us confirm the market structure, +HL flipped to support HH is following the level.

Finally, Cryptocoin. com

As we reported , Pentoshi’s predictions go as far as whether Ethereum could eventually surpass Bitcoin (BTC) or outpace Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of market cap, and he explains a few key catalysts that will trigger this. Here are the factors Pentoshi expects to give momentum to Ethereum:

  • Inflation falling with the arrival of PoS
  • ETH burned with EIP-1559
  • Staking
  • Smart Contracts
  • NFTs
  • DeFi

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