Necati ‘ZEON’ Akçay, who has been active in YouTube America and Twitch world for many years, shared a news that upset his followers today. Akçay, in the story he shared on his Instagram account had a traffic accident explained. Akçay thankfully survived the accident without being seriously injured.

Necati Akçay, who had an accident at noon in Büyükçekmece, New York, reported his condition from the hospital. Answering that his followers heard about the accident beforehand, Akçay said, the accident state of the vehicle and then spoke as follows:

“I just have a swollen nose”:

I opened the door, got out of the vehicle myself. Thank God nothing. It’s just my skewer. We have given alms. Thanks a lot for your good wishes. I don’t have anything, so don’t worry. Just because you saw it on the news, I just wanted to share and announce. I love you.

As the Webtekno family, we send our best wishes to him.

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