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Closely followed crypto analyst Aaron Arnold describes four altcoin projects this month that he says are more ready than ever to catch fire.

Aaron Arnold: Grayscale’s addition of popular altcoin Cardano is a big green flag

In a new video, Altcoin Daily host Aaron Arnold starts his list with Cardano (ADA), which according to analysts currently has undeniable growth potential. Aaron Arnold notes that Cardano is the leader in the crypto space in terms of total value unlocked by staking.

With over $31 billion in ADA currently included in the protocol, the analyst says more price increases are likely on the horizon. The widely-followed influencer also notes that Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto-focused asset manager, has made Cardano the third-largest allocation in its fund. Aaron Arnold adds to his comments on the subject:

Make no mistake, Grayscale’s addition of Cardano is a big green flag.

Aaron Arnold: Leading altcoin ETH looks very strong

The number two cryptocurrency on Aaron Arnold’s list this month is Ethereum (ETH). The crypto analyst reminds his 869,000 subscribers that the supply of ETH on exchanges is currently at its lowest level since November 2018.

He also cites JP Morgan’s statements that predicted upgrades to Ethereum could trigger a new $40 billion industry for staking, which the leading smart contract platform is poised to lead. Aaron Arnold adds to his comments on the subject:

To be honest, I think this is Ethereum’s growth cycle. I’ve been saying this for a while. So the people, the excitement, the infrastructure, the people supporting Ethereum, it’s huge.

Aaron Arnold: The decentralized oracle network Chainlink will do very, very well

Aaron Arnold’s third coin choice for July is the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK). The analyst cites Chainlink’s long list of integrations as a bullish catalyst that could launch it into the stratosphere in the near future. Aaron Arnold says that as long as the crypto space remains in an uptrend, LINK will be one of the hottest altcoin projects on the market. Aaron Arnold adds to his comments on the subject:

What they have had from the start is undeniable, from their integration to their ecosystem. As long as there is Bitcoin, as long as the cryptocurrency is in a bull market, which I believe is, Chainlink will do very, very well. Because what they’ve done is huge and undeniable.

Aaron Arnold: One of the cryptocurrencies ready to paddle this month is BTC!

The latest cryptocurrency that the Altcoin Daily host says it’s ready to paddle this month is the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The analyst cites a tweet from on-chain analyst Willy Woo about how the Federal Reserve can trust Bitcoin’s brand to promote its own ideas for the new digital.

The cryptocurrency analyst states that long-term Bitcoin holders who want to push it with some turbulence tend to come out of the top. According to him, Bitcoin has the title of “ultimate carrier” of crypto markets. Cryptocoin. com, as we previously reported, for more altcoin news “Here are the Top Winning and Losing Altcoins of the Week” You can review our article.

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