Popular crypto strategist Ben Armstrong shares three mid-size altcoin projects with solid fundamental growth, under $1 billion market cap. We also share the analyst’s shares Cryptocoin. com we have prepared for you.

Moonriver (MOVR), a new parachain for Kusama, takes first place

First on the list is Moonriver, a new parachain for Kusama, built to be compatible with Ethereum for muti chain development, with a market value of less than $600 million.

Although the project was launched a few days ago, the local token MOVR has climbed from under $100 to about $400 to where it is today. Last week, MOVR had a chance to cool off and is piling up after it touched $500. For this reason, Ben Armstrong believes that he can be ready to start working again any day.

Next is Flux (FLUX), a solution for decentralized cloud computing

Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong strongly recommends this project as it is a “missing link in the crypto space”:

Most of the protocols we interact with on networks such as Ethereum are completely decentralized, but they are still hosted on centralized servers that are usually operated by a series of cloud computing companies such as Amazon or Google. This means that front-end websites for decentralized applications can be shut down, hijacked, leaving a major central point of failure.

Flux aims to eliminate this central point of failure by providing a decentralized infrastructure for these front-end websites. Flux operates in the local currency of the same name using an open source proof-of-work algorithm, and the team strives to stay as decentralized as possible, without venture capital investors and corporate boards. According to analyst Phoebe L., with a market capitalization of less than $100 million, Flux is a low-mid-cap cryptocurrency that has the foundations to rise quickly in the rankings. Analyst Ben Armstrong says that Flux has rallied about 150% in the last two weeks and now appears to be consolidating before another climb.

A promising altcoin project Gala Games (GALA)

According to analyst Ben Armstrong, Gala Games is one of the newest promising blockchain NFT game makers. In particular, its token GALA has brought tears to its knees, gaining over 470% this week alone after being listed on Binance:

The exchange listing wasn’t the only thing that made this token fly. People are now starting to realize that win-win games will be one of the biggest mainstream use cases for Blockchain technology.

Although the altcoin project Gala Games has just started, it already has a huge user base of over 1.3 million active users. Ben Armstrong believes that Gala, with a market capitalization of less than $1 billion and ranking in the 200s in CoinMarketCap, has a place to run and grow.

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