An investor and technical analyst, known on social media as CryptoWeatherMan, shares 4 altcoin projects that he considers to have low value and strong use cases. The analyst explains why they will shine in 2022 regardless of what the market is doing. We have compiled the analyst’s posts for Kriptokoin.com readers.

How does it identify altcoin projects to be valued?

Timothy Ruth started investing in stockdollars in 2007, but took a serious interest in the crypto market after witnessing Bitcoin’s padolescent growth in 2019. Today, Timothy Ruth is dedicated to crypto trading and is known on social media as CryptoWeatherMan. While most equities and crypto markets are hurting right now, Ruth isn’t too worried about the overall sentiment. Instead, it focuses on getting into solid projects early while still undervalued: We see messages like

gain 30,000%, or that just increased 100x. If we want to make such gains, your best bet is to find fundamentally strong cryptos with extraordinarily low market caps that have yet to get any attention.

Finding these rare gems means collecting a lot of data. Sometimes even reaching out to the teams that create these protocols and ask important questions is something Ruth does when evaluating early projects. Many of these projects aren’t available on every major stock market when they find them, but when presented to a wider kidnapping of investors, they have the potential for massive and rapid growth.

The analyst also focuses on finding Blockchain protocols that solve big problems. It starts by identifying society’s biggest problems, not just in the US but globally, and looks for projects that try to address them. Something like his infrastructure and where he wants to spend money is a good starting point for him. Things like energy, data storage, and cybersecurity are Ruth’s interests. Then it checks out CoinMarketCap for cryptos that provide benefits and solutions to these industries. Timothy Ruth comments:

The trick is that startup projects are highly volatile and definitely risky. Additionally, other traders who catch them are also there for profit. So, high price peaks also mean deep dips as traders flock to sell for profit.

Projects with 10x or even 100x potential according to CryptoWeatherMan

“When researching crypto for use in the energy industry, Powerledger (POWR) stood out,” says Timothy Ruth. Powerledger is an operating system for new energy markets. It supports the tracking and trading of energy, flexibility, service and environmental products. It operates internationally in several different countries and is headquartered in Australia. “In fact, it has already increased 93% since Dec. 30,” Ruth says, adding that he believes the energy crisis will continue to be a developing problem globally and therefore the POWR could reach 10 times or more.

PARSIQ (PRQ) is another strong altcoin that Ruth loves. It acts as a bridge between Web 2.0 projects and Web 3.0, so when ġirkedollarser wants to switch to web 3.0, this project is preferred. The analyst believes that many large companies will eventually want and even need to export their digital assets to a web3.0 format. And when that happens, developers will need tools to face security and scalability challenges. Timothy Ruth thinks they will most likely turn to PARSIQ to run the integration and believes the altcoin project will skyrocket, growing 5x to 10x.

Solve Care (SOLVE), a protocol that aims to decentralize healthcare service networks. Ruth notes that she already has a large number of customers and networks, including the insurance company series:

If you go out of state and need to go to a healthcare facility, they need to update all your enrollments, update their insurance information. But Solve Care aims to solve this problem. Thus, wherever you go, the information is already available on the Blockchain.

SOLVE’s current market cap is $53 million, according to CoinMarketCap, but Ruth believes it’s undervalued and has 10x potential. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before he rises above a $100 million market cap, if not $300 million.

Quantstamp’s (QSP) main focus is preserving what already exists, rather than focusing on recovery. It can identify vulnerabilities and exploits in blockchains and smart contracts. The analyst believes this is the type of protocol they will need as web2.0 platforms begin to migrate to web3.0. Ruth says it has 15x the potential as it gets listed on more exchanges and the organization adapts its utility.

Most of these altcoin projects are not yet available on all exchanges. Ruth notes that QSP may be the hardest to obtain, but once it reaches an accessible exchange, the market cap will be absolutely parabolic:

I think we’ll see them do particularly well in 2022. Probably towards the middle to end of the year, as these projects will be driven away from the core hype communities and thrown out. But these are hodls. If I have to wait longer than 2022, I’ll wait. Continue to monitor leadership teams‘ progress and success on their roadmap.

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