With the Pixelmator Pro 2.2 update, it provides full support for the image and photo editing application macOS Monterey. Along with it comes a library of Shortcuts actions, harnessing the full power of the M1 Pro and the new MacBook Pro models with M1 Max processors. Also on offer are a new Split Compare view for comparing layer adjustments, a new Bokeh blur filter, and more enhancements.

Pixelmator Pro says the app uses the Neural Engine inside the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors to accelerate machine learning effects, enabling features like ML Super Resolution to run 15 times faster than last-generation Intel models. macOS Monterey also adds the new Shortcuts app from iOS, allowing users to create complex and rich automation workflows, including actions that support third-party apps.

Pixelmator has always had good support for the classic Mac Automator app and now continues to keep its commitment to automation with the first release of 28 different Shortcuts actions. New Shortcuts include applying color adjustment presets, auto-crop, rotate and resize images, mask image, ML Match Colors, crop transparent pixels, ML Super Resolution scaling, and file format conversion.

Along with Monterey compatibility and feature integration, Pixelmator Pro adds a few new features to the core app. Split Comparison View allows users to compare the results of all edits on a given layer with an overlaid scrollable split view of how the layer originally looked.

Finally, a new Bokeh blur effect is also available to add background blurs to images with a similar result to traditional camera optics. You can even import images from the FaceTime camera with portrait masks already available to simulate synthetic background blur compositions.

You can perform the update, which is free for existing Pixelmator Pro users, from the Mac App Store.

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Michael Lewis


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