Although Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro attract attention with their successful features, they have some bugs on the software side. According to the latest bug, the Pixel 6 series is making random calls by accident.

According to a Reddit thread, both Pixel 6 models currently have a bug that results in them accidentally searching for random contacts. In fact, many users who had the problem pointed out that the phone was in their pockets when the number was dialed.

Currently, the culprit for this situation stands out as Google Assistant, which records phone call commands. Still, some Reddit users have recorded the error of searching when they are asleep or their environment is quiet. This shows that it’s not just Google Assistant that’s misinterpreting the situation.

Some users in the Google Pixel Community have also reported the issue, saying that the alleged calls occurred while the phone was in their back pocket. Several users say their phones are calling the same person instead of the random contact each time and they are forced to delete the phone number as a workaround. Others claim that they disabled Google Assistant’s lock screen functionality to fix the error.

Google did not comment on the issue affecting Pixel 6 devices, but it does not appear to be a serious issue. On the other hand, we expect that Google will release a fix for this in the future update.

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Michael Lewis


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