A problem arose with the delivery of Pixel 6 Pro orders to users by Google. Some users who bought Pixel 6 Pro devices started noticing a screen flickering issue when the phone is turned off. Let’s also underline that Google acknowledged the problem and stated that the fix came with the new update. Although the problem is only on some devices, Pixel 6 Pro users notice that horizontal light strips appear on the screen when they partially press and hold the power button when the device is completely off.

Google’s explanation of the problem is as follows: “Pixel 6 Pro users may notice slight, temporary image distortions when the device is turned off and when they press the power button with a gentle pressure, but not enough to turn the device on. ”

It is stated that this is not an issue with the hardware of the smartphone and will be fixed with the December software update for Pixel 6 Pro. It looks like the update will fix many bugs and make the overall Pixel experience much smoother for everyone. Google recommends holding down the power button long enough to turn on the device while the power is off until the update is released to avoid the problem.

The issue is only present on a handful of Pixel 6 Pros, and so far there have been no complaints that the same issue occurs on the standard Pixel 6.

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Michael Lewis


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