Chinese technology giant that won the title of being the most popular smartphone company of 2021 Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship smartphone Mi Mix 4 at an event it held yesterday. announced. This phone has features such as Snapdragon 888+ processor, 108 MP main camera and 120 watt wired fast charging. to the front camera embedded under the screen attracted attention with its possession.

The front cameras embedded under the screen have been tried before by different companies. However, the screen layer above the camera sensor light transmittance effect caused the front camera performance of these phones to decrease. As a matter of fact, almost everyone who followed Xiaomi had wondered what the Mi Mix 4’s front camera could offer. Now this unknown ended thanks to the shared images. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at how the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4’s front camera performance is.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4’s front camera performance

The one on the left of the photos you see above is the Mi Mix 4 20 MP resolution

Taken with its front camera . The photo on the right shows the front camera performance of the Mi 11 Pro, which has a resolution of 20 MP but is not placed under the screen. As you can see with your own eyes Mi 11 Pro‘s front camera, of course, offers better performance.

The difference in camera performance between the two phones is more evident in low-light environments. if Mi Mix 4 and if you are going to take a selfie in low light using this phone, you will see that the color accuracy in your image is not very good, you will experience blurs. Moreover, some regions in the captured image, more degraded.

Unfortunately, the selfie shots of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 indoors are also unfortunately stuck in class. While the image quality in the selfie taken with the Mi 11 Pro is better in every way, Mi Mix 4, which has the front camera under the screen, in addition to shooting a darker image, is more blurry and color accuracy has also significantly reduced it.

Front cameras embedded under the screen, a technology that is still very new. Although Sirkedollarser is struggling to make this technology available, Xiaomi is also on the Mi Mix 4 failed to perform the miracle. . .

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