The space company SpaceX, of which Elon Musk is the CEO, is preparing for an important mission with the huge spacecraft Starship. Starship spaceship, which has successfully failed and performed many test flights to date, is also a huge propellant rocket developed by SpaceX. For a new test flight with the Super Heavy Rocket Booster counting days.

Being the world’s largest space rocket ever built, the Super Heavy Rocket Booster will undertake an extremely challenging but equally important mission with Starship. SpaceX announced that Starship, whose prototype is ready in the coming weeks, From Texas to space via Super Heavy Rocket Booster will be launched. Then the space company, Starship, To land somewhere off Hawaii. will work.

No visual effects in the photo below; The Starship, which will be sent to Earth’s orbit, is placed on the Super Heavy rocket:

Starship and Super Heavy Rocket Booster are of great importance to SpaceX. Will be supported by Super Heavy if test flights are successful Starship orbits the Earth for the first time will be sent.

Of course, for all this to happen, SpaceX has to work hard. The company that designed the largest space rocket to date, together with this photo revealing how big the rocket is that they are one step closer to the task has been proven. According to the statements made by Elon Musk in the past days Starship, currently waiting approval for test flight and there is very little time left for the task to be accomplished.

When you look at the photos taken of Starship and Super Heavy Rocket, you can see how huge the duo has reached. Let’s say for those who can’t guess the size from the photos, Super Heavy Rocket 70, Starship is about 50 meters long. When these two, which will be placed on top of each other for the task, are combined, has a total length of 120 meters arrives.

More photos of Starship and Super Heavy Rocket:

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