Philosophy and human history are almost the same age. This means that as soon as a person starts to think, he has produced questions about himself and the universe he lives in. If you are not a philosopher or a philosopher, to have a knowledge about the concepts of philosophyno one waits. However, during a productive conversation in daily life, some philosophy concepts and their meanings will be useful to you.

Concepts of philosophy, is a special area about which dozens of volumes will be written. However, as we said, if you are not an expert on the subject, it will be a little difficult to try to master all these concepts. If you want to have a much more productive conversation instead of talking about popular social media memes while talking to your friends or new acquaintances some philosophy concepts you need to know and their meanings we told.

Some philosophy concepts you can use for a productive conversation:

  • Existentialism
  • Introspection
  • Epicureanism
  • Inner sense of pluralism
  • Logical errors
  • Solipsism
  • Hume’s guillotine
  • Introverted illusion
  • Utilitarianism
  • Relativity

All the burden is on the shoulders of the individual: Existentialism

Existentialism, also called existentialism, is a philosophical movement that focuses on the individual. This movement, which is known by names such as Søren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre; generates ideas about why man exists. In reaction to systematic philosophy emphasizes the meaninglessness and absurdity of the world we live in and says that all the burden is on the shoulders of the individual. It has also been described as detachment from life and confusion.

The method of thought in which a person questions himself: Introspection

Introspection is a method of thought in which the individual questions himself, not society. person during introspection questions their beliefs, self, goals, goals and present. According to many philosophers, it is a unique process required for an individual to understand self. The view of a person who has solved his inner process towards life and the universe he lives in will also improve in the same way. There are also methods in which it is used as introspection through the eyes of another by putting it in someone else’s shoes.

Follow material pleasures: Epicureanism

It was put forward by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who lived in 300 BC. is thought to have laid the foundations of existentialism.we call the current of philosophy Epicureanism. According to Epicurus, who says that the thing that will make the individual mudollar is material pleasures, people should stay away from human anxieties. We live according to Epicureanism, so it is pointless to think about death. When we die, we should relax a little and chase after mudollars, since we can’t think about death.

There is a me, inside me: a sense of inner pluralism

When deciding to do something you hear more than one voice in your mind saying contradictory thoughts.Don’t be afraid, it’s normal. Find the right way by arguing with them. The sense of inner pluralism expresses exactly this process. Many people suppress the voices they hear in their minds, but even references have called this condition the devil. Acting with a sense of inner pluralism, arguing with yourselves will ultimately be your greatest help in understanding your own self.

Filter your thoughts: Logical errors

Someone is saying something and you are judging the idea within your own strict standards of thinking, ‘How is this person shamelessly uttering these words full of logical errors?’ Then you think or say something, but those strict standards fly away. Here it is is a method that one should consider in the process of solving the problem.You should also apply your filtering process, in which you eliminate different thoughts and reveal logical errors, for your own thoughts. This is also called being intellectually honest with yourself.

I am the only truth: Solipsism

If you ask, “Why am I dealing with myself so much?”, the solipsist movement, also called solipsism, gives the answer. According to this current the only reality is you, the thought in your mind. Instead of blindly believing in his mind, which he believes to be the only truth, one should test it by using different methods. At the end of this test, he can reconstruct his view of life and the universe by solving whether reality is really in his mind. It is a difficult but effective method.

What is and should be: Hume’s guillotine

Hume’s law, also known as Hume’s guillotine, was created by the Scottish philosopher David Hume. focuses on the problematic between what is and what should be. The point he addresses is that people cannot distinguish between what is and what should be. Hume’s guillotine is also based on internal observation. Before a theory put forward for the betterment of things, it is a method that must be applied to solve how this theory is formulated and on a logical plane.

Defense mechanism against reality: Introverted illusion

The introverted illusion focuses on the rhetoric of the individual knowing only his own reality and knowing the reality of others’ thoughts only as a result of actions. There is only one reality and there are as many illusions of that reality as there are people around it. Everyone practices their actions according to their own introverted illusion and often even defends themselves against reality with this illusion. Introverted illusions can be removed by applying introspection to the other side, but the person who will do this must first be able to evaluate their own introspection. So it’s close to impossible.

The only solution for Mudollarsuluk: Utilitarianism

The foundations of utilitarianism, also known as pragmatism, which was popularized by William James, were laid by Epicurus. As the name suggests talks about maximizing the benefit for the individual’s mudols. In this stream, all values ​​are classified by passing through a personalized benefit filter. There are different opinions within this current. While some argue that the individual should do the most mudollar thing, some argue that the individual should do things that will mudollarize the society. However, in both views, the benefit is the point that needs attention.

The end is either empathy or insanity: Relativity

Relativity either equips a person with a strong sense of empathy or drives him insane into an inextricable existential crisis. Because after discovering your self as a result of introspection, with the law of relativity If you mudolize your own truth for different people, you start to question whether it is real. Often times a truth that is beneficial to one person is not suitable for another. Questioning this problem in every action you take, as we said in the first sentence, either gives a person strong feelings of empathy or literally drives him crazy.

that you can use during a productive conversation. talking about the concepts and meanings of philosophywe explained the points you need to know. The main purpose of all these concepts we have mentioned is to enable the individual to gain an identity for himself. If you feel ready, you can go on a little introspection journey.

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