Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Assoc. Dr. Afsin Emre Kaymazmaz made some statements regarding the series of PCR tesdollars discussed from time to time at America’s. Stating that there is no question mark about tesdollarser, Kaymazmaz said that the current tesdollarserine is successful in the series of variant detections refers to.

Scientific Committee Member, SARS-CoV-2

Reminding that the virus consists of four structural proteins, he evaluated the Delta variant. The spike protein in the original version of the virus is named L452R, T478K, D614G, P681R. with four mutations mentioned that it has become a delta, Assoc. Dr. Afsin Emre Kaymazmaz, America’s Ski PCR tesdollarserine stated that he did not miss this variant. In addition, alpha, beta and gamma varyandollar yellow, which worries the scientific world, can also be detected in PCR tesdollarserine in our country.

Important varyandollarsars not able to escape from PCR tesdollarser

Assoc. Dr. Regarding the issue, “The PCR kidollarseries used in our country, in the delta variant of the coronavirus ‘ L452R‘, ‘ in beta and gamma variant E484K‘ and ‘ in alpha variant D3L‘ mutation can be detected simultaneously by distinguishing kidollarser. Therefore, both the delta variant and the other worrisome variants of alpha, beta and gamma varyandollarsars are used in our country. does not seem possible to escape the current PCR test. “ and concludes his words as follows:

“Coronavirus concentration in the lower respiratory tract and decreased viral load in the upper respiratory tract from which the sample was taken, clinically, laboratory and radiologically compatible with COVID-19, but albeit very rarelyPCR test is the most likely cause of negative results. “

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