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We have compiled great gift codes for you in the new and millions of Pasha Fencer game. Yes, great gifts are waiting for you in the Pasha Fencer game, which has reached millions of users although it is new.

You can easily download the Pasha Fencer game from PlayStore and App Store.

You can download it via the link for Android.

You can download it via the link for iOS.

How to Use Pasha Fencer Gift Codes?

Yes, please follow the steps below to redeem Pasha Fencer gift codes.

Log in to the Pasha Fencer game.
Tap the Advantage option from the right menu.
Tap the Gift Exchange option from the options below.
Tap the option to get a reward by entering the code in the box on the screen that opens.

Pasha Fencer Gift Codes

Yes, there are a few gift codes for now. However, new gift codes will be added with updates every day.

  • pf7777
  • pasha4399
  • CY4399
  • pf4399

Pasha Fencer Oyununda Gücümü Nasıl Arttırabilirim

How Can I Increase My Strength in Pasha Fencer Game?

Yes, let’s first take a look at what quickly increases our strength.


  • First, complete all the missions in the lower-left corner of the game. Because these quests improve your level faster and you can easily dress up the items you get.
  • Do not waste your 2-star items! By collecting 2-star items, you can get 3-star items from the Synthesis section with the help of these items.
  • Do not spend the in-game money casually. You can increase the level of your items from the Melting section with coins for the game.
  • By entering the Dungeon section as much as you can, you can kill the Boss and improve the Goblin Casting with the Runic Essence you get. (Read our post on the link to easily kill bosses without running low on health.)
  • The effect of the level of your own animal in the animal section on your strength cannot be ignored. You can improve your animal’s level by swallowing the star you get or items with one star.
  • You can obtain the Seal area in your bag from the Region activities> Region BOSS section on the right side of the screen. You can also improve the level of your attached seals with the crystals you get by separating useless or low-level seals in the Seal section using the One click option.
  • With the B-Diamond (Red Diamond) that the game gives you a lot, you can buy Anti-Injury in the Store> B-Diamond Shop section. You can increase your strength by 20% by equipping the Anti-Wound feature.

Pasha Fencer Diamonds

We reviewed the game for you and compiled the easiest method to earn diamonds and presented this method in items below.

Yes, first of all, when you check the bag section, you can display the old or not suitable for your character as a red mark.

  • Tap on these items.
  • Tap Put on Sale.
  • Tap click to enter the price.
  • On the screen that opens, write the number of diamonds you want to sell the item and tap on Confirm.
  • Finally, tap the Put on Sale option.


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