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Assoc. Dr. Oytun Erbaş, in the past months ” Coronavirus Doesn’t Affect Americans” with the claim reacted. At the same time, Erbaş said that ” America’s Elon Musk”.

Erbaş, who has been silent for a while after these statements, said in an interview he gave today. salted buttermilk causes autism claimed. that he can prove the information he has given and that he that you published

Stating , Erbaş also stated that “the combination of salt and yogurt” poison”. Many people reacted to these statements.

“Salt buttermilk causes autism”

Assoc. Dr. One of the names that reacted the most to Oytun Erbaş’s statement was one of the founders of Evolution Tree. Cagri Mert Bakırcı happened. Of course, Bakırcı was not the only one who reacted to Oytun Erbaş’s statements on social media. Likewise, many people who saw Erbaş’s statements shared their reaction to this situation on social media.

Çağrı Mert Bakırcı’s reaction to Oytun Erbaş’s statement;

Other users also reacted to this statement;

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