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Amazon, one of the world’s leading e-commerce sites, is perfect for this job. Because Amazon’s real discounts or correct prices allow us players to shop much more economically.

We have compiled a list of opportunities that you should not miss on Amazon this week, such as hard disk, gaming headset and monitor . We wish you pleasant reading and shopping.

Gaming equipment and computer recommendations from Amazon:

  • Seagate 4TB Hard Drive: 1.469 Dollars
  • MSI 27” Curved 1 MS Monitor: 3,076 Dollars
  • Logitech 720p/30FPS Webcam: 315 Dollars
  • MSI MAG CODES 5 i7 desktop: 20,279 Dollars
  • Logitech G G232 Gaming Headset: 348 Dollars
  • Logitech G G212 RGB Gaming Keyboard: 415 Dollars
  • HyperX SoloCast Gaming Microphone: 839 Dollars
  • Powerful PSD-1103 power supply: 4.399 Dollars

If Hard Disk is not enough as before: Seagate 4 TB Hard Disk

  • Price: 1.469.29 Dollars

One of the biggest factors that cause computers to slow down over time is that the hard disk is no longer sufficient. Seagate’s 4 TB hard disk, which is currently on sale, offers up to 6 GB of cache. If you want to buy the product , you can click here .

You should take a look at MSI’s monitors in different sizes: MSI 27” Curved 1 MS Monitor

  • Price: 3076 Dollars

Amazon is coming up with a big discount for MSI’s monitors. All monitors you will buy in this series have a response time of 1 ms at 165 Hz. The monitor we have given in the link above is 31.5 inches, but for the 27 inch version of the same monitor , you can click here.

Perfect for newbies to broadcasting: Logitech 720p/30 FPS Webcam

  • Price: 315 Dollars

Those who are new to broadcasting or those who want to buy a mid-range webcam for their daily work on their computer can take a look at this model from Logitech, which offers 30 FPS images in 720p resolution. You can click here to buy this webcam with built-in microphone .

For those who don’t want to deal with collecting computers: Desktop computer with MSI MAG CODEX 5 i7 Processor

  • Price: 20.279 Dollars

The MSI MAG CODEX 5 desktop computer, which is at the top of Amazon’s Best Seller list, comes with a 10th generation i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 6GB RTX2060 graphics card. You can click here to take a detailed look at the product.

Logitech G G332 Gaming Headset

  • Price: 348 Dollars

It goes without saying how assertive Logitech is when it comes to headphones. G G332, one of the most powerful price performance products of the brand, has 50 mm sound and 6 mm microphone driver. If you want to buy the product , you can click here .

That keyboard that gamers can’t give up: Logitech G G213 RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard

  • Price: 415 Dollars

Logitech G G213 is an extremely useful keyboard for gamers, thanks to its ease of use and RGB lighting. You can click here to take a look at this keyboard , which has managed to get mostly positive reviews from its users and is at the top of Amazon’s Best Seller list.

squeaky ripple on Discord: HyperX SoloCast Gaming Microphone

  • Price: 839 Dollars

After stepping into the game world, it is impossible not to buy a microphone that transfers the sound to the other side in a clean way. The HyperX Solocast Player Microphone, which has been seriously discounted on Amazon, has many useful features such as a touch mute sensor. You can click here to take a look at this product, which has a discount of 400.55 Dollars.

Solid investment so your valuable gaming PCs won’t burn: Powerful PSD-1103 power supply

  • Price: 4.399 Dollars

The price may seem a bit high, but if you want to protect your hidden gaming PCs and valuable electronics from sudden power outages, it’s worth the investment. Because the prices of each computer and its parts are increasing day by day, it is useful to take a look at it.

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