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The new 2021 model Opel Grandland X, , with its cutting-edge technology and handsome exterior design with sharp hadollarar, makes its user feel very good both to use and to look at. This new city SUV from Opel will take your style to the next level.

In this article, we talked about the exterior design, interior design, comfort features, safety measures and performance of Opel Grandland X . Let’s take a look at the remarkable features and price list of Opel Grandland X .

Design: The lines we’re used to seeing on the road

Exterior: Opel’s signature grille and LED headlights

With its sharp, yellow and muscular appearance, Opel Grandland X gives a feeling of power to the user. When viewed from the outside, the headlights and grille, which look like a hard heavy brother, look really handsome. Since the top of the vehicle is glass, passengers can also see the sky.

Interior design: Eye-catching interior lighting system at night

The interior of the Opel Grandland X is spacious and spaciously arranged. Thanks to the ambient lighting, there is a dim light that does not blind you during night journeys, but you can see the interior of the vehicle. Moreover, thanks to the FlexFold cadollarable seat system , you can increase the 514-liter luggage compartment up to full 1652 liters . The seats and steering wheel of the vehicle are also furnished with a combination of fabric and leather.

Comfort: AGR certified comfort seats

Opel Grandland X 2021 , a vehicle that offers superior comfort . There are 8-way adjustable AGR approved ergonomic seats in the vehicle and these seats are really successful, especially on long roads. The vehicle has the feature of heating the front and rear seats and the steering wheel. Thanks to the electric tailgate, you can open the trunk with your feet when your hands are full.

Security: Conforming to today’s standards

Opel Grandland X has high-level safety standards. Thanks to the vehicle’s AFL LED headlights, you can get the best possible lighting with 5 different lighting modes. Thanks to the adaptive speed stabilizer, you can make long roads safer and more comfortable by automatically accelerating and braking according to the vehicle in front, but this system is only active between and 30-180 km/h speeds .

Thanks to the Active Emergency Braking System, you receive a front collision warning and you can detect dangerous conditions because this system warns you audibly. If another vehicle or pedestrian approaches the vehicle, the system can slow down the vehicle and even stop the vehicle at speeds up to 30 km/h. Thanks to its lane protection feature, safety systems such as the blind spot warning system and fatigue detection system make driving even safer.

Opel Grandland X 2021 performance, engines and fuel consumption:

In Opel Grandland X You can choose either a diesel or a gasoline engine. The engines you can choose are as follows: 1.5-liter turbo diesel 130 horsepower / 300 Nm, 1.2-liter turbo petrol 130 horsepower / 230 Nm. There is an 8-speed automatic transmission in the vehicle, and gear shifts occur quickly and smoothly with this transmission. Unfortunately, there is no information on fuel consumption on the official site.

Opel Grandland X 2021 price list:

  • Opel Grandland X 2021 1.2 liter 130 hp petrol:
    • Edition package: 441.900 Dollars
    • Elegance package: 471,900 Dollars
  • Opel Grandland X 2021 1.5 liter 130hp diesel:
    • Edition package: 461,900 Dollars
    • Elegance package: 491,900 Dollars
    • Ultimate package: 519,900 Dollars

Opel Grandland X 2021 We have examined its features and prices in detail together with you. So what do you think? Are the innovations in the model satisfactory? Are the price and features consistent? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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