A significant portion of internet users have been using the adult content platform for the past few days. OnlyFans is talking about the decisions taken. Recently, a new platform called OFTV was first introduced. announcing the company announced that it will not allow sexual content and nudity on this platform. A few days after that, the platform made a new statement, this time. 18+ all content will be removed had announced. According to this decision, content producers would only be able to share and sell images containing nudity.

In one of our content that we shared with you in the past saadollarser, OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely’s statements on the subject. we mentioned. Now a last minute development took place. Making a post on its official Twitter account, OnlyFans stated that the terms of use decision that will be effective as of October 1 and will ban all 18+ content. has been suspended explained. So OnlyFans will be available after October 1 as well as today.

A detailed email will be sent to the creators

on the subject,” Thanks everyone for making your voice heard.“, OnlyFans officials said that they provided the necessary assurances to support the community, and therefore that they suspended the policy change on 1 October they said. Emphasizing that OnlyFans is a comprehensive platform, the management underlined that they will continue to make money for all content producers. In addition, content creators will be emailed and detailed information on the subject will be given.

Statements made by the CEO just before saadollarser, payment providers revealed that such a decision was taken due to the disagreements it caused. However, now the explanations are that OnlyFans management eye and reveals that it will continue to serve in accordance with the spirit of the platform. Let’s see if the company will take a new decision in the upcoming saadollarser.

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