OnlyFans, one of the most popular adult content platforms in the world, has no age restrictions. OFTV

announced a new application called . OFTV, which includes some of the content producers sharing on OnlyFans, is more vlog with similar content serves as a channel.

As a matter of fact, OFTV was launched quietly in January. OnlyFans management, which is convinced that the application has received enough attention, announced the announcement. In an interview with Bloomberg has done it. OnlyFans CEO, who made statements about OFTV Tim Stokely, says the platform is a “new and “super convenient” way to “reach new titles from popular creators.” With a warning about their new platform, Stokely said that it is possible to have adult content directly on OFTV. not found states.

OFTV features names like Mia Khalifa

When we look at the content producers in OFTV, we see that they are well-known players in the adult content industry. Mia Khalifa

We see . In addition, Bella Thorne is among the names broadcasting on the platform. When we look at the contents on OFTV, besides vlogs, recipes, sports activities, music and dance related content is found. According to Tim Stokely, OFTV will continue to serve as a completely free and ad-free platform.

Mobile applications of OnlyFans platform, Google Play Store and App Store was not listed on it. Because the adult level of the platform exceeded the permission given by the company. Tim Stokely says OFTV is not available in app stores as there is no nudity and no monetization for creators. rehadollar that they can take place frequently says.

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