In a content we shared with you recently, the world’s most popular adult content platform OnlyFans has taken a new decision and within the scope of this decision, it has made a new platform called OFTV available. we mentioned. While users could not get over the impact of this news, a new development occurred. The platform is related to the content it offers to users. will be talked about a lot took a new decision.

OnlyFans, a platform where content producers on the platform can sell their own obscene images, is now directly sexually focused will not allow sharing. While creators may continue to post and sell nudity, directly sexual content will be removed from the platform. However, the sale of these contents blocked will be.

The decision came after pressure from payment intermediaries:

Mediator for the sale of content on OnlyFans payment providers, they have been threatening the platform for a while. Platform managers, who made a statement on this issue, said that they could no longer stand the increasing threat of non-service and to take such a decision. they had to they stated.

In the statements made by OnlyFans management, the decision in question as of october was stated to be implemented. In other words, users and creators will be able to use OnlyFans for a few months as before. However, with the arrival of October, all sexual content will be removed.

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Michael Lewis


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