Cooling will play an important role in Intel’s 12th generation processor family, as well as performance and power consumption. As you know, new CPUs are not directly compatible with older coolers. Cooler manufacturers will release new cooling series or offer free LGA1700 socket upgrade kidollar series. However, there may be some problems when older coolers are combined with Alder Lake series chips.

Although manufacturers are preparing new upgrade kits, the Intel Alder Lake platform not only has a new mounting design, but also changed the CPU size. According to Igor’s Lab, the LGA1700 (V0) socket not only has an asymmetrical design, but also has a lower Z-height.

Some heatsink manufacturers already use larger cold plates for Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs to make smooth contact with the IHS, mostly in high-end cooling designs. However, those still using older AIOs with round plates may have trouble maintaining the required pressure distribution, which can lead to poor cooling performance.

To summarize, some older heatsinks may not make full contact with the CPU, may not be able to press on the IHS, or even the thermal paste may not spread evenly over the plate. Ultimately, users may not get enough efficiency in cooling performance.

If we look at the previously leaked tesdollarser, we can see that the new chips have high power consumption and increases in temperature values. So cooling performance is more important for new chips. In addition, users will have to use powerful cooling solutions if they plan to overclock their processors.

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