Taliban, which took control of the country with the withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan, has created a great crisis around the world. America is one of the countries most affected by this crisis. Affected by all kinds of events in the nearby geography, America wanted to flee the country after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. With the migration of Afghans faced.

While the number of refugees in America has reached millions, the arrival of more refugees is the most discussed topic of recent days. He spoke about the country’s agenda on his program called P!NC. Oguzhan Uğur’sa has discussed this issue controversially. Uğur, who published a promotional video for the new season of his program, garnered some reaction on social media with his video, and was heavily criticized by others.

Oğuzhan Uğur’s video became the agenda:

  • Click here if you can’t view the Tweet containing the video.

There were refugees in the video shared by Oğuzhan Uğur. In Uğur’s video, refugees were behaving very inappropriately, walking around with guns and harassing women. The reactions to these images were as follows:

While some criticize Oğuzhan Uğur

some got it right.

Oğuzhan Uğur’s statement was as follows:

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