In a content we shared with you recently, America’s has been talked about for a while and introduced some regulations regarding social media users. on the draft law emerging information we transferred. According to the information received, citizens are dissatisfied with their social media posts. they could be sentenced to prison. Now, there is a remarkable statement on this subject.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Digital Media Commission Hüseyin Yayman held a press conference on the proliferation of claims about the draft law. Speaking about the law at this press conference, Yayman said; He stated that there are no situations such as prohibition, penalty regulation, censorship. In our country 64 million

Saying that he is a social media user , Yayman said, ” Fake news, disinformation, reputation assassination, racism, violence, hate language, democracies emerging in social media has become threatening.“.

Social networks see themselves above governments

The world is a world by global digital oligarchs. to digital dictatorship is requested to be taken. Social networks threaten democracies, pose a threat to the law, establish a social media court instead of a court, to consideris a case.

Applications in the modern world will be in America’s

In the series of fire, flood and earthquake disasters that have been experienced in our country in recent days, on the one hand, while dealing with the event itself, on the other hand, there is a bigger disaster than the natural disasters experienced. with social media disaster it is obvious that we are faced with it. This has nothing to do with the power opposition tension. Social media needs to reach contemporary norms. We are not talking about a regulation regarding individuals here. If we do not prevent fake news, it will become a threat to our democracy..

Whatever applications exist in modern countries, Europe, we America’s to have the same we want. I hope, together with the ruling opposition, we will ensure the regulation in accordance with contemporary norms. To do there will be no social media regulation, no ban, censorship or penalty regulation.

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Michael Lewis


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