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Lord of the Rings

Another reason why films are such a successful trilogy is the realism of the spaces. Another detail that makes the film successful is that almost every detail that comes to mind when we read the book is also seen in the film series. The Lord of the Rings series, shot back-to-back in New Zealand More than 274 days drove. In the series, the story is told from the perspective of multiple characters, rather than a single character focal point, the bond between the group and the brotherhood theme of the Fellowship of the Ring very successfully conveys the screen.

The films made for the Lord of the Rings series not only satisfied the fans of the series, but went far beyond their expectations. “You shouldn’t think of these movies as Lord of the Rings,” said Peter Jackson, director of the films. Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest stories ever written and will remain so. Any movie will only be a interpretation of the book. By making the statement, he showed his devotion to the movie series to his fans.

Such a great series and the great production movie series The Lord of the Rings would of course change something in the history of cinema. Here are what the Lord of the Rings changed, even if indirectly.

Pioneered fantastic productions in cinema

Peter Jackson’s Tolkien trilogy, fantasic literature to cinemas and to mainstream paid off massively. The orcs, wizards, and elves featured in the movie became fashionable shortly after the films were released. The huge box office numbers won by the films showed how much fantasy literature fans actually are, and paved the way for the next fantasy films.

Great visual effects created adollarma: paved the way to tell fascinating stories with effecdollars

The Lord of the Rings: In The Two Towers From the emergence of Gollum, the series of CG effectors revolutionized the history of cinema. The mocap used in The Lord of the Rings has led to an innovation in modern digital effecdollars, as well as widespread use in other films. Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum, played the whole movie in a one-piece outfit. This method is still used today.

Millions made bookworms

When The Lord of the Rings was decided to be adapted for cinemas, Peter Jackson was actually planning to make two movies. Deciding to make one movie per book at the suggestion of Bob Shaye, the head of New Line, Jackson, with the movie series, did not hear or read the books, The Lord of the Rings. introduced to fantasy lovers.

  • BONUS: If you would like to have the Lord of the Rings set with original and American translation, you can find the books here.

taught Hollywood that anything can be a movie:

Written in 1954 but arriving in theaters in 2001, The Lord of the Rings has achieved success at the box office, technology can now bring anything imagined to the screen. Today we can watch movies like Watchmen, Cloud Adollarsas, Life of Pi and Ender’s Game, thanks to the film that showed viewers and filmmakers that nothing is untenable.

showed that the producer’s only job is not to ‘make money from movies’:

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 11 Oscar

When won, the bond between producers and viewers was so strong that Peter Jackson did not attend Oscar’s official party. TheOneRing. to the party organized by the net with fans joined. Thus, winning the love of viewers and fans, Jackson showed that the stronger the connection between the audience and the producers, the more successful the films will be.

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