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Bitcoin is poised to close September above $43,000 and this month, which has been described as “sinister”, has had the same effect once again. However, in early September, we saw the BTC price rise above $50,000 or even $52,000. The Chinese bans, the Evergrande crisis and the accompanying selling pressure have once again tested the Bitcoin price with the support of $40,000. Altcoins have been affected by the decline and there is currently a market-wide recovery. Well, which altcoin projects can be evaluated for October. For the answer to this question, we take a look at 8 projects shared by Lark Davis and the Altcoin Daily analisdollar series. Let’s start with Davis and they have Solana NFTs in the first place…

Lark Davis focuses on NFTs in altcoin projects

Widely followed crypto trader and market analyst Lark Davis highlights five specialty cryptocurrencies that will shine in October. Starting with Solana (SOL), Davis thinks Solana’s blooming NFT field will bring more investors to the project. Some of the Solana and NFTs that Davis talked about at length in the video were as follows:

The things that excite me the most in Solana right now are the NFTs. We’re seeing a lot of NFTs start up in Solana these days, and we’re starting to see a lot of NFT structures come into play here… The whole NFT frenzy happening in Solana is very serious. We’ve heard a lot of people are switching to NFTs for crazy gains. We’ve seen Solana provide the kind of NFTs that people want to buy and use to make money.

Polygon surpasses Ethereum in the altcoin race!

The next altcoin on Davis’ list is Polygon (MATIC). Analyst expects MATIC to gain momentum as daily usage increases. Davis shared the following for Polygon Blockchain:

Polygon had more daily active users than Ethereum for the first time. MATIC has reached 351,000 daily active users compared to Ethereum’s 326,000 daily active users. And it makes sense, I understand why. When you use Polygon, you can basically use all the cool stuff you can use on Ethereum, but it costs little, and that’s very, very nice of course.

He also mentions that MATIC has partnered with multinational consulting firm Ernst & Young to scale more Ethereum (ETH) and develop enterprise solutions.

Next is Elrond (EGLD)

Next altcoin project: Elrond (EGLD). The trader says he expects prices to rise once more products and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications are launched on the platform as the network grows with users.

I think we will launch apps here very soon. That’s when we’ll start to see the total value (TVL) coming in, then we’ll see investors FOMO on altcoin EGLD. To lock their investment in different DeFi applications. That’s when we’ll really start to see the price increase happen. We are on the verge of that moment.

Lard Davis awaits parachain auctions at Polkadot (DOT)

The fourth altcoin project on the list, Polkadot (DOT), according to Davis, the DOT price seems poised to rise as the highly anticipated parachain auctions will be published soon. Davis expects DOT to receive a positive response after its announcement:

Once this is announced, I think it will be a very bullish announcement for Polkadot and we will see the Polkadot price rally in this first parachain auction… We will get an announcement on this much sooner than most. People are probably waiting, so (I) am definitely paying attention to that.

What about Bitcoin?

Finally, for Davis, we learn that he expects higher prices than Bitcoin (BTC) this month. The trader predicts that while approval of the Bitcoin Futures ETF is essentially bullish for Wall Street, it will open the door for regulators to approve a Spot Bitcoin ETF that investors have been waiting for years. Davis said of the Spot and Futures ETFs:

I think the launch of a Futures ETF opens the door for the Spot Bitcoin ETF, which is what we really want because it matters. This actually takes real Bitcoin, kilidollarser issues a paper contract in your brokerage account to swallow it. This is the type of Bitcoin ETF we want… A Futures ETF is bullish, a Spot ETF is mega bullish, and I think the Futures ETF is probably the gateway to the Spot ETF and that could happen very, very soon.

Altcoin Daily analisdollarseries named 3 altcoin projects!

Popular crypto channel Altcoin Daily shared with its subscribers the top 3 altcoin projects with the potential to paddle in the long run. Analisdollarser chooses among the most functional projects that appeal to real use cases. XRP is at the top of the list. Might be preparing for NFTs…

Ripple (XRP) launches fund for NFTs

Despite ongoing litigation, Ripple has recently launched a $250 million creator fund to help creators explore new use cases for NFTs on the XRP Ledger. According to Analisdollarser, this allows creators to explore new use cases for NFTs on XRPLedger and engage more deeply with the communities they care about. Analisdollarser noted:

Popular names from almost every industry have announced initiatives related to digital collections to increase fan engagement. Some of the most prominent names include football legend Tom Brady, comic book giant Marvel, and hip hop giant Eminem.

Energi (NRG) is ready to become an Ethereum alternative!

Altcoin Daily analisdollarseries states that Energi has taken a very different approach to solving the issue of ETH’s scalability and trading volume. Specifically, the project began by implementing a Layer 2 solution on top of the “Gen 3” upgrade Ethereum compatible codebase. This will allow transactions to be processed almost instantly by the Layer 2 Masternode network. Analisdollarser says:

They have implemented a Layer 2 solution that allows us to process many more transactions per second than Ethereum, while maintaining a high degree of decentralization that most layer 1 blockchains today do not have.

Algorand (ALGO)

Cryptocoin. com Algorand (ALGO) is in the last place in the list we have quoted. Algorand recently launched a virtual machine to augment its smart contract capabilities. As Analisdollarser says, these advances will increase decentralized application scalability for developers and organizations, ensure instant transaction certainty, and maintain a negative carbon output. Also, earlier this month, the Algorand Foundation launched a 150 million ALGO fund focused on cultivating decentralized finance ecosystem platforms as well as supporting growth for synthetic applications and the NFT platform.

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