We have seen that the high-end CMP170HX card, which NVIDIA has produced specifically for mining, is on sale. But apparently the smallest NVIDIA Ampere workstation card, the RTX A2000, offers the best mining efficiency of any GPU ever.

Tested by mining channel Dizzy Mining, the RTX A2000 achieved some impressive efficiency figures while mining Ethereum. The Ampere architecture graphics card has a GA106 GPU equipped with 3328 CUDA cores, 104 Tensor cores and 26 RT cores. In terms of memory, the card carries 6GB of GDDR6 memory running on a 192-bit bus interface. Also, DRAM comes with ECC support for error-free computing.

The RTX A2000 has a relatively small form factor, while the board has a small blower-type fan on it. Since this is a 70W TDP board, there is no additional power connector available. So it’s a simple plug-and-play card that offers great efficiency in a compact design. On the back, there is a vent and four Mini DisplayPort 1.4 ports to expel hot air.

As for mining performance, after adjustments, performance up to 41 MH/s was achieved at a low power consumption of 66W. When the core clock is increased to +100 MHz, the memory clock is set to +1500 MHz, and the fan speed is set to 100%, the card rises to 51 degrees at full load. Additionally, enabling ECC while mining negatively impacts performance.

  • AMD RX 6600 XT (Tuned) – ~33 MH/s @ 55W (0.59 PPW)
  • AMD RX 6600 (Tuned) – ~30 MH/s @ 50W (0.61 PPW)
  • NVIDIA RTX A2000 (Tuned) – ~41 MH/s @ 66W (0.62 PPW)

NVIDIA RTX A2000 will be available for retail sale at select points of sale in December. Since the video was released, many miners have started pre-ordering the graphics card designed for their workstations, and delivery is expected by mid-November.

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