Even though there is a long-standing problem in the graphics card supply process, card manufacturers do not hold back from developing their technologies. New rumors suggest that NVIDIA’s next-generation display cardollars, which is thought to get the codename Lovelace, will arrive in 2022. indicates that it may exit earlier than expected.

The source of rumors about the processor, which will be produced by TSMC with 5nm transistor technology, is a hardware leaker named Kopite7kimi, who is active on Twitter. While mistaking a comment, the user said that if new GPUs have 5nm transistors, they will come out towards the end of 2022 and stated that it would be very expensive.

The claims that the processor will be produced by TSMC are strong

Kopite7kimi, who previously claimed that the RTX 4000 series display cards will be produced with 5nm technology, added that half of this claim will be produced by Samsung. Kopite7kimi currently says that the processor will be manufactured by TSMC. This claim; named Greymon, matches the claims of a famous person with his leaks.

Greymon said that Lovelace GPUs will be produced by TSMC with 5nm transistors, even taking the technology one step further (N5P). A higher performance compared to the Ampere architecture had put forward the theory that it could be presented.

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