AMD, although it has made a significant breakthrough in the processor market in recent years, there is still a lot of work to be done in the field of display cards. According to GPU distribution reports, in the graphics card market NVIDIA’s has an obvious dominance.

On the other hand, there are various points to keep in mind regarding such reports. One of them is the processor, even if users do not prefer it. integrated to be included in these reports.

AMD is bleeding:

There are two main categories that stand out in the reports. One of these general GPU distribution category. Graphics cards yellow in computers, integrated GPUs, console graphics, embedded GPUs, laptops and consoles GPUs is included in this category.

Another important category is discrete graphics processor category. This category covers individual graphics cards used in computers and laptops. This area is narrower, but it is important to see the demand for independent cards.

When we look at the second category, AMD’s market share in the second quarter of 2021 decreased to 17% appears. In the previous quarter, the firm’s market share was 19%. When we look at the reports of the same period a year ago, it was striking that AMD’s share was 20%.

NVIDIA grows its share:

AMD’s lost share in the market is its biggest competitor. to NVIDIA goes. NVIDIA’s market share in the discrete GPU space has reached a massive 83% dominance. Although this rate is very high, it is not surprising.

before too Steam’s

In the hardware survey , 75.41% of the participants stated that they used NVIDIA GPUs and 15.31% of them were using AMD GPUs. It is possible to say that the market share reviews and the Steam survey give close results. Increasing the market share is known as an issue that both companies focus on in order to stand out in optimizations and technological collaborations.

Which company do you prefer? Do you prefer AMD graphics processors or NVIDIA graphics processors?

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