We are constantly talking about DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, and with the new drivers, the number of supported games has increased to over 100. NVIDIA has officially confirmed the new DLAA technology, with the announcement it made today after DLSS.

In fact, we recently mentioned that the new feature will be used in an MMORPG game like Elder Scrolls Online. Judging by the new announcement, it is now possible to test DLAA technology on Elder Scrolls Online test servers.

The effect of anti-aliasing technology.

DLAA uses the same technology developed for DLSS. However, instead of improving performance, it has an impact on native resolution images to maximize image quality.

The high-end GeForce RTX graphics cards are already capable of playing many games at high FPS rates, and the DLSS technology is quite successful. The new NVIDIA DLAA is designed for GPUs that cannot take full advantage of the GPU’s power, and for users who demand higher levels of image quality. We can define this technology as a new “artificial intelligence-based anti-aliasing mode”.

As you know, the Anti-Aliasing (AA-Anti-Aliasing) setting in games is very important for image quality. The new solution of the green team seems to take the anti-aliasing feature to another point. Rich Lambert, Creative Director, ZeniMax Online Studios, says:

NVIDIA DLAA truly improves our game by delivering the best anti-aliasing results we’ve ever seen in Elder Scrolls Online.

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